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      Strategic Planning Advice - Developing Science and Technology Assets

      Securing planning permission locks value into your development, but it is the early strategic and creative planning advice that creates it.

      Cambridge BioMedical Campus

      Establishing a global life sciences research hub on the southern edge of leafy Cambridge

      6m sq ft.JPG
      Bidwells planning instructions for life science and technology floor space, across the East of England in 2021

      We will help to realise your vision for a new place, unlock development value or repurpose an existing building

      The full value of your development site is unlocked by strategic and creative planning advice. Our guidance will help to define your vision and inform successful development decisions.

      Navigating a path to planning consent means persuading the doubters and managing conflict along the way. Creating development value through the planning process requires strategy, focus and expertise.

      Strategic and longer-term planning needs to build up and maintain momentum. You must set it on the right course, with good, well-informed direction

      Service options

      Biodiversity Net Gain

      When the property sector was still grappling with mitigating environmental harm in development a decade ago, Bidwells was busy pioneering a start-to-finish net gain solution for a developer with a biodiversity deficit.

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      Development Consultancy

      Our clients come to us for advice because we’ve been developing and managing science parks and city centre innovation districts in Cambridge, Oxford and Milton Keynes for more than half a century.

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      Development Funding and Joint Ventures

      Our unique understanding of the nuts and bolts of developing property assets for the science and technology sector means we can find and select the right partner to help turn your vision into a reality.

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      Financial Modelling

      Maximising your development returns in the science and technology space takes highly specialist knowledge. Building laboratories and growing science clusters is about more than developing commercial property.

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      Land Assembly

      Whether you’re looking to create an out-of-town science park or a city centre research hub, acquiring land or joining forces with neighbours provides an opportunity to think big.

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      Pre-letting and Leasing Strategy

      By leveraging our expert market insight into what science and tech occupiers need from their space and business location, you can align your proposals to fund and develop with confidence.

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      Project Management

      Our project managers are a dominant force in the science and tech sector, in recent years delivering over £2.4million sq ft of S&T space across the Ox-Cam Arc.

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      Site and Option Analysis

      With five decades of experience delivering science and technology projects, we have comparable data to inform the viability and opportunity of development across the Oxford to Cambridge Arc.

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      Sourcing Off-market and Market Opportunities

      Moving into this exciting asset class means fighting off the competition. Our comprehensive knowledge of our chosen markets helps you access and thrive in the science and technology marketplace.

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