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      Purchase and Sale

      We’ll help you get the best possible result from a purchase or sale by fully understanding what success means for you before we even think about entering the marketplace.

      o2 Arena, Trinity College

      Clever investment during the financial crisis has led Trinity College Cambridge to add the O2 arena to its endowment portfolio

      Whether devising a strategy to acquire or dispose of your retail asset, office, laboratory, land, farm, forest or estate, our team will work towards maximising the value of your transaction and portfolio.

      If you’re in the market to buy, we’ll introduce the right stock to you before guiding you through the bidding process. Our geographical focus comes into its own here as our regional teams fully scrutinise the numbers on your behalf.

      When selling, we’ll present your property to its best advantage, securing the best price and the most credible buyer.

      This commitment to thorough due diligence and regular analysis of our marketplace helps reduce mid-deal headaches, clearing the path to a smooth transaction.

      Unrivalled market knowledge means we are best placed to advise on land and property values, navigating you through challenges and avoiding pitfalls

      Service options

      Due Diligence

      If you’re looking to invest in property or a development, or sell property, thorough analysis of value and risk can help you to achieve your aspirations, leading to real income.

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      Financial Modelling

      Make the best buy, hold or sell decisions for your assets and analyse cash flow that evaluates return potential and identifies risk.

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      Investment Strategy

      Delivering investment aspirations into real income and overall returns has been at the core of our approach to investment strategy for over 100 years.

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      Management, Tax and Statutory Accounts

      Not only is it essential to have diligent and accurate financial management services, but as a bursar, you need to know your accountant has the right experience and expertise to help you.

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      Natural Capital and Sustainable Investment

      Investment is being viewed through a new environmental lens. We’ll help you unlock environmental opportunities in your existing land holdings and secure the right sustainable investments for your portfolio.

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      Portfolio Analysis

      Portfolio analysis is pivotal to delivering a property strategy which generates long stable income, without any nasty surprises and is protected for years to come.

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      Strategic Land Promotion

      We know that strategic land has a vital role to play in your portfolio and are experienced in patiently overseeing multiple land promotion projects to deliver the full development value of your assets.

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      Valuations are a necessity, like a battery for our gadgets - they are pivotal to running a successful endowment, and facilitate making informed strategic property decisions.

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      Maintaining college income and maximising returns on investment whilst being flexible and agile during the pandemic

      Maintaining college income and maximising returns on investment whilst being flexible and agile during the pandemic
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