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      Suffolk Local Plan Watch - Autumn 2023

      01 Nov 2023 2 MINUTE READ

      Suffolk 23 gif.gif

      A mixed picture across Suffolk, in terms of Plan-making progress, with Part 1 of the Babergh and Mid Suffolk Local Plan moving towards adoption later this year, and West Suffolk’s Proposed Submission consultation expected in January 2024. East Suffolk Council and Ipswich Borough Council have recently adopted local Plans.

      As the Babergh and Mid Suffolk Joint Local Plan (Part 1) moves towards Adoption later this year, Work on Part 2 of the Plan (to include site allocations and a review of settlement boundaries) continues, with consultation expected in 2024, offering opportunities for land promotion.

      Their timetable having slipped given a change of administration following the May Local Elections, West Suffolk’s Proposed Submission consultation is now timetabled for January 2024.

      Ipswich Borough Council and East Suffolk continue to enjoy up-to-date Local Plans with no published timetables for review.

      Five Year Land Supply

      Having published a marginal 5.12 year’s housing land supply at the Local Plan’s Adoption in 2022, Ipswich Borough Council have recently (April 2023) published their latest 5-year land supply, claiming a figure of 5.2 years. Given this published figure, there could be opportunities for windfall development in future months.

      All of the remaining Suffolk Authorities are also currently able to demonstrate a 5-year land supply, although this figure remains relatively marginal for West Suffolk, who can only demonstrate a 5.4-year supply, published in January 2023.

      Whilst Babergh and Mid Suffolk are experiencing delays with the preparation of Part 2 of their Joint Local Plan, both are able to demonstrate healthy housing land supplies, well in excess of 5 years, particularly in Mid Suffolk where their most recent Housing Land Supply Statement (December 2022) suggests a supply of more than 10 years’ worth of housing land.


      For detail on emerging Local Plan position in Suffolk please click on the map below.


      Our Planning team

      Local Plan Watch - Autumn 2023

      Our Local Plan Watch provides an update on the progress of the Local Plans coming forward across our region to allocate new land for development and highlights the key opportunities for landowners, promoters and developers. 

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