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      Dog training and exercise field

      Summerhouse farm

      WTV Wedd & Sons

      Melbourn, Royston

      June 2022 - November 2022

      Our client wanted to diversify their farm income through the provision of a dog training and exercise field but had twice been refused by the local planning authority.

      Diversification is becoming increasingly important for many farmers, with dog training and exercise fields being a relatively low investment but lucrative venture. They can be very successful, particularly when close to a town or villageand these fields are popping up all over the countryside, but few people realise they need planning permission.

      In this case, our client had made two applications to the LPA themselves, both of which were unsuccessful and so they instructed us in a final attempt to secure permission.

      This is one of the most detailed and robust applications we have had to put together, for whatshould have been a simple change of use of land. We produced robust planning anddesign & access statements, along with a business plan, andundertook a sequential test to show that this was the optimal,viable location for the project, as well as taking additional measures to demonstrate sustainability

      Planning permission was successfully obtained for the proposal. It is important to note that physically there were no changes to the scheme compared to what our client had previously submitted, but we were able to significantly strengthen the policy and business case arguments to result in a successful outcome.

      We have now successfully completed several dog field schemes, but common constraints are sustainability, landscape, and Green Belt impacts, demonstrating economic benefits and highways.

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