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      Maximising the value of a former agricultural site through residential redevelopment designed for 21st century use

      Batford farm

      G A Simons Settlement Trust & Jarvis

      6,585 sq ft


      Situated in a high value, affluent area, but significantly constrained and protected by a Green Belt land designation, our client enlisted us to find a way to unlock value and deliver residential development on this agricultural site.

      Instructed as total advisors and planning consultants, our specialist Rural Diversification and Planning (RPD) team assessed options to maximise the value of the site and deliver residential redevelopment. We identified that conversion of the agricultural buildings through Class Q permitted development could be achieved.

      Our extensive expertise in rural planning projects and Class Q conversions ensured we delivered best value and high-quality services for the client. Through coordinating the planning process, we instructed and managed third-party contractors to put forward an application that stood the best chance of success. We managed the application during the determination period to ensure a positive outcome.

      Utilising the full footprint of the existing buildings, residential redevelopment consent was achieved on over 6,500 sq ft of agricultural buildings, a result not typically possible in a constrained agricultural site in a Green Belt location. Acting in an agency capacity, we then sold the property for the client on the open market with the benefit of residential consent for four dwellings, thus realising a significant capital sum.

      Batford farm
      Image credit: Jarvis Homes

      Upon selling the property for the client, we were instructed as planning consultants for the new owners. We improved the planning consent at the site to meet our client’s objectives, resulting in achieving full planning permission for the demolition of the agricultural buildings and provision of three executive family homes. This would not have been achievable had we not rolled out a phased approach, using our experience of farmyard redevelopment schemes and knowledge of local authority.

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