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      The Future of the Oxford to Cambridge Region Conference

      Listen to real estate leaders from across the Oxford-Cambridge Arc discuss key issues facing the region at The Future of the Oxford to Cambridge Region Conference 2023.

      18 Sep 2023

      Keynote: Mike Derbyshire, Head of UK Planning at Bidwells

      Mike Derbyshire delivered the opening keynote for the conference. Listen as he outlines the exciting developments happening in the Oxford-Cambridge Arc region, as government backing enables expansion of innovation hubs and infrastructure. Hear senior leaders discuss the opportunities this brings.

      What the speech covers:

      • How the partnership between local authorities laid the groundwork for government backing of the region.

      • The government's recognition of the potential of places like the Cambridge Biomedical Campus to become innovation powerhouses.

      • The large investments in new rail and homes enabling the expansion of life sciences in the region.

      • How places beyond Cambridge like Milton Keynes will also benefit economically from growth in the region.

      • The appointment of an expert delivery panel to lead a joined-up vision for integrated communities.

      • The aim to avoid losing the region's quality of life while growing economically.

      • How other global hubs provide examples of what scale of growth could be possible.

      • The opportunity to write an exciting new chapter on scientific endeavour in the region.

      Keynote: Peter Freeman, Chair of Homes England

      This insightful keynote speech from Peter Freeman, MP, focuses on the opportunities and challenges of developing the Oxford-Cambridge Arc. Listen to this senior leader explore collaborative approaches to creating prosperity, improving infrastructure, and enhancing quality of life across the region.

      What the speech covers:

      • How coordinated, long-term planning can enable sustainable development.

      • The Arc's potential as a hub of innovation and economic growth.

      • Striking a balance between progress and preservation.

      • The importance of quality infrastructure like transport links.

      • Securing government backing for investment in the Arc.

      Panel: Driving UK's Science Superpower – Unlocking the Potential of the Ox-Cam Region; Sponsored by Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates

      This panel focuses on the exciting potential of the Oxford-Cambridge region and how to drive its growth as a science and technology superpower. Senior experts discuss the key opportunities and challenges, providing insightful perspectives on development, policy, and design. An intriguing session covering the ingredients needed to unlock the Arc's full potential.


      Chair: Emily Slupek, Partner, Bidwells

      Victoria Collett, Development Director, Thomas White Oxford

      Colin Brown, Development Director, Mission Street

      Sarah Haywood, Managing Director, Advanced Oxford

      Elie Gamburg, Director, Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates (KPF)

      What the session covers:

      • How developments can support discovery and nurture talent in the region.

      • The pull between urban and suburban locations for companies.

      • The need for better infrastructure and transport links.

      • The convergence of life sciences and technology.

      • The demand/supply balance of commercial space.

      • Embedding adaptability into buildings.

      • The importance of boosting STEM skills locally.

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