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      Suffolk Local Plan Watch - Autumn 2021

      29 Oct 2021 2 MINUTE READ

      The latest news from Suffolk is that examination of Babergh and Mid Suffolk’s joint Local Plan has been paused whilst the authorities undertake further work to address concerns from the Inspector about the spatial strategy proposed and site selection process used to inform the draft Plan. No timescales have been set for reconvening the examination, but it is likely to be several months away. It is unclear at present how the authorities will address the issues raised by the Inspector.

      In Spring 2022 there will be a Regulation 18 (Preferred Options) consultation taking place in West Suffolk. There remains an opportunity to submit and promote sites through the West Suffolk Local Plan. Currently close to adoption, the Ipswich Local Plan will provide certainty for landowners and developers with those proposed sites.

      Suffolk remains a popular location for both plc housebuilders and regional operators alike. The A14 and A12 corridors are particularly sought-after locations and we have seen housebuilding activity continue to increase along the length of both during the last 18 months. As with most locations in our operating areas, there is currently a shortage of land with planning permission for residential development in Suffolk. This has been reflected in the level, quality and number of bids we have seen submitted when consented land has been brought to the market.

      Well-presented strategic land opportunities continue to receive competitive offers from housing promoters, which is again a reflection of supply-side factors. Since January 2020, acting for landowners, Bidwells has successfully transacted sites which will deliver circa 700 houses in Suffolk. Additionally, we have completed a significant strategic residential development transaction along the Suffolk A12 corridor on behalf of a landowning client.

      For detail on emerging Local Plan position in every authority please click on the map below.


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