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      Delivering income and capital growth for King’s College, Cambridge for over 20 years

      Kings College Cambridge
      Kings College, Cambridge



      Approximately 50 managed tenancies

      The primary goal for the College is to generate income and protect its investments. This has been achieved through our stewardship approach, working in partnership with the College to create the vision for the property portfolio and delivering all aspects of endowment management.

      Appointed as investment manager, our annual portfolio reviews on this largely retail portfolio, re-assess and set the strategy. Regular reporting into the College provides updates on; performance, lease events, income targets, risk management and live building related projects.

      A consistent, long term and stable partner-led relationship has enabled a deep understanding of the College’s needs. During the Covid-19 pandemic, our tailored approach focussed heavily on tenant relationships, knowing their circumstances and abilities to meet their obligations. Tenant dispute resolution activities have maintained occupancy, bringing benefits for both the College and its tenants. Advice on lease implications and flexibility on lease terms during negotiations is vital. 

      From dealing with the extraordinary to the day-to-day operations, even if it includes a once in a lifetime opportunity to climb the King’s College Chapel roof, we are in it together.

      Our robust, yet flexible approach, recognising the unique nature of this portfolio and working closely with the College has provided capital and income growth for over 20 years

      Bidwells has understood the long-term aims of the College, offering good advice on balancing the needs of the tenants and our own aspirations.
      Dr Keith Carne, First Bursar King’s College, Cambridge
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