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      The Oxford to Cambridge Arc, with its world-leading universities, research institutes and companies, has been brought to global attention by the Covid-19 crisis and has established a critical mass which is gaining momentum. Our research indicates that 20m sq ft of new office and lab space will be required across the Arc within the next two decades to keep pace with soaring demand - twice the volume of the previous 20 years.

      Whether you’re investing in the sector, running a property portfolio, or upgrading your premises, our advisors have an understanding of the market that will drive your investment forward and create sustainable working environments that attract the right tenants and talent.


      Leading agent in Cambridge

      £2bn +

      Largest science campus advisor in UK


      Leading office agency team for 10th year

      31 across the Arc

      Science & technology parks we work with

      20% in MK

      Science Park floor space we work on

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