With 30+ years’ experience, James’s knowledge of his towns and occupiers is exceptional.

Ever the modest character and with a dry sense of humour, James claims that ‘a bit of grey hair goes a long way’ - he’s built his significant experience and knowledge across 30+ years in the industry.

As head of the retail and leisure team, James enjoys his leading role and gets immense satisfaction from working with his colleagues - in his words, this is what he particularly loves about his job. As a result, clients also enjoy working with him and his playful character.

James’s areas of expertise are in development advice for mixed-use schemes, food stores and retail warehousing, as well as in the acquisition and disposal of motor dealerships, retail and restaurant properties, hotels and care homes.

His knowledge of the ever-evolving retail and leisure market, the variety of deals he has done, his tenacious attitude and the kick he gets out of problem solving, even as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, is why his portfolio clients trust and keep coming back to him.

James is MRICS accredited.




Property solutions in high-tech clusters, city centres and rural estates

Retail & Leisure

Tap into our deep knowledge of Cambridge’s retail & leisure landscape

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One the Square, CB1 Wasabi Insights 08.02.23

With occupier demand for city centre and out of town opportunities increasing across the Oxford-Cambridge Arc, Bidwells is expanding its agency team. Head of retail and leisure James Lankfer explains why.

The Arc’s global R&D position offering retailers opportunity as political chaos subsides

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CB1 Masterplan

Ambitious developer Brookgate set out to transform Cambridge’s fading train station area by delivering Lord Roger’s visionary 1.6m sq ft CB1 masterplan. They needed more than just a team of consultants, they needed local experts with a vested interest.



Achieving maximum land value was the end game, but to achieve this, the right client type needed to be properly sourced. With our knowledge of the area and 65+ years specialist retail experience, we knew who to approach and the exact steps to take.


Snap Fitness Portfolio

Gaining a bigger chunk of the leisure market was a priority for Snap Fitness and promoting their name on a national level formed a key part of the brief. We helped to achieve their ambitions faster.

Snap Fitness image


Taking on the largest real estate project in the university’s history was never simply about the numbers. To continue attracting the world’s best students, the 800-year-old institution knew it had to overcome Cambridge’s housing shortage by taking matters into its own hands.

Eddington_200421 1

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