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Unlocking the value of your woodland assets

Maximising returns across your forestry portfolio starts here. We guide landowners and investors through every step of the forestry lifecycle - from inception to harvest. With a team passionate about forestry's economic and ecological benefits, we offer unparalleled end-to-end solutions.

Whether nurturing a single plantation or overseeing a multi-million-pound portfolio, our focus remains on empowering you to capitalise on this dynamic market while preserving the natural splendour that defines Scotland's woodlands. From woodland creation to harvest and sales, our expertise guides investors and landowners towards sustained profitability.


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Gain a competitive edge with prime sites across the UK

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Real estate with its own set of rules - unlock your laboratory’s full potential

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Two centuries of trusted land & farms expertise

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Strategic lease consultancy from true experts


Our unmatched market knowledge helps you secure only the best office investments.



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bracken image Insights 12.07.23

Competition for land in the rural sector is fierce. Really fierce. Is there actually space for all the farming, forestry, field sports, rewilding and recreation we want to do?

Befriending Bracken

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Image of ESNF-Glenbreck-Jan-19.1 Insights 13.02.20

All political parties have made it clear their commitment to increasing woodland cover in the UK. That comes as good news to the forestry sector and the large numbers of people and organisations who are interested in investing in this green industry.

Forestry sector plays to its strengths

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Bidwells_FORESTY_10 Blog 14.04.21

There’s currently a debate underway in the UK around where plantation forestry i.e. fast-growing timber producing forestry, fits into the voluntary carbon market system, the Woodland Carbon Code (WCC). Similar discussions are being held in other parts of the world, as globally we analyse how to deal with the climate change challenge we all face.

Time to spruce up the voluntary carbon market

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Image of Southdean-Hawick-Scottish-Borders Insights 25.06.20

There’s a growing recognition and desire for a low-carbon 'green recovery'. We ask if a new way of valuing forests could be the real catalyst for a step change in UK woodland creation?

Could recognising the ‘true value’ of forests turbo-charge UK woodland creation?

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Bidwells_FORESTY_12 Podcast/Recording 03.08.20

According to a recent Boston Consulting Group report, the total value of the world’s forests is estimated to be $150tn - double the value of the global stock markets – with tree’s carbon storage ability amounting to 90% of this value.

Seeing the wood for the trees. What’s the ‘true value’ of UK Forestry?

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Meet our trusted experts

Tim Barratt

Tim Barratt

Partner, Head of Forestry

Tim leads our specialist forestry team, covering strategic asset management, valuations, sales, acquisitions as well as EIA and professional contracts.

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Image of Kate Fitzgerald

Kate FitzGerald

Partner, Forestry and Head of Perth

Kate’s deep understanding of the greater forestry environment gives her the edge when providing detailed advice for a range of clients.

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Roderick J Leslie Melville

Roderick Leslie Melville

Partner, Forestry

More than three decades’ experience in forestry and agriculture allows Roderick to take a holistic view of rural commerce.

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Denis Torley

Partner, Forestry

26 years’ experience in forestry and a background in planning provides Denis with a deep understanding of this asset.

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It's in the numbers


of forestry assets under management


of timber sold on the open market in the last 2 years


value of forestry property valued in the last 2 years



This green portfolio is not just about income - it’s about a long-term corporate and socially responsible investment which will stand the test of time. Since the mid-1980s, we have deployed our forestry and renewable energy expertise to add value and sensitively improve the client’s returns.


Cumberhead Wind Farm

The Cumberhead Forest Complex located in south-west Scotland forms part of a cluster development of operational, consented and planned windfarms. Our role was to negotiate the terms on behalf of the forest owner and represent developers on the forestry aspects of the planning applications.

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