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1.5 acres

Achieving maximum land value was the end game, but to achieve this, the right client type needed to be properly sourced. With our knowledge of the area and 65+ years specialist retail experience, we knew who to approach and the exact steps to take.

What works for one buyer might not work for another. Following an appraisal of the 1.5 acre site, we identified that the land was destined for a retail provider and a supermarket was the best fit for the site’s location.

Having identified this opportunity, we were set to work with speaking to our key contacts, providing factual and current market knowledge to them about the long-term investment potential.

As commercial agents, we added value to the deal by knowing exactly who to speak to, whilst having an understanding of their requirements, their challenges and what they do.

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Being the glue that holds a deal together we negotiated the conditional sale and achieved the best possible outcomes, not just for the client in terms of getting the most money for their land, but for the buyer in helping them to achieve their development and future growth plans.

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James Lankfer

Partner, Retail and Leisure

With 30+ years’ experience, James’s knowledge of his towns and occupiers is exceptional.

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