More than three decades’ experience in forestry and agriculture allows Roderick to take a holistic view of rural commerce.

Roderick regards the opportunity to shape and develop a rural environment as a privilege. In guiding his clients through, at times, a complicated legislative landscape, he prides himself on seeing the wood and the trees when providing strategic asset management.

Having helped lay the foundations of our highly successful forestry team, Roderick sees his role as a custodian of the Scottish landscape and having owned his own forest, takes his job quite literally. In this changing and developing sector, his breadth of knowledge is both impressive and sought after.

However, it is not all about planting valuable resources. Roderick has recently been involved in negotiating sizeable compensation from major utility companies for clients over whose forested land fibre-optic cables, pylon lines and substations were being built. A great result for the client, Roderick and Bidwells.

His ability to see the big picture, years of knowledge and network of complimentary experts positions Roderick as one of the 'go to' forestry professionals. He has been delivering sound advice and practical solutions to our clients’ specific requirements for about as long as it takes to grow a 25m Sitka spruce.

Roderick is understanding of our mutual client's needs and understands our/my role within relationship. He always offers constructive advice, and is happy to explain anything, it is a good relationship.
Steven Officer - The Achache Grandchildren's Settlement




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