Seeing the wood for the trees. What’s the ‘true value’ of UK Forestry?

03.8.20 2 MINUTE READ


According to a recent Boston Consulting Group report, the total value of the world’s forests is estimated to be $150tn - double the value of the global stock markets – with tree’s carbon storage ability amounting to 90% of this value.

So why did tree planting across the UK last year total just 13,460 hectares? That’s less than half the government’s recently re-confirmed target of 30,000 hectares of new woodland every year by 2025.

There is growing public will to see a green global recovery but Under the Microscope visits Bidwells’ Perth office to ask whether recognising this ‘true value’ of forests could be the real catalyst for a step change in UK woodland creation?

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Tim Barratt

Tim Barratt

Partner, Head of Forestry

Tim leads our specialist forestry team, covering strategic asset management, valuations, sales, acquisitions as well as EIA and professional contracts.

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