Natural Capital & Renewable Energy Investment Conference

23 Nov 2022 12.00am

Investment is being viewed through a new environmental lens. Funds seeking sustainable ventures are channelling capital into land-based assets to deliver tangible natural capital and renewables projects.

Nov 2022
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Missed the conference? Watch the presentations and panel discussions...

Andy DSC_2932.JPG Events 23.11.22

What are the challenges to reaching these decarbonisation goals? That was the topic of discussion at the second panel at our Natural Capital and Renewable Energy Investment Conference.

Renewables are key to decarbonising the electricity system by 2035. But what are the challenges and how do we get there?

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Rich Stockdale DSC_2853.JPG Events 23.11.22

Natural resources are the most important input to the global economy. There is huge potential of investing in natural capital assets – with both environmental and financial rewards.

The potential of Natural Capital Markets: a credible opportunity?

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Lisa and Matt Events 23.11.22

Matthew Hay and Lisa Bulmer from our Natural Capital and Sustainable Investment teams present on the opportunities within the Natural Capital marketplace.

Overview of Natural Capital Markets

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Nazmiye DSC_2956.JPG Events 23.11.22

Professor Nazmiye Ozkan, Head of Centre for Energy Systems and Strategy at Cranfield University, presents to the audience on the future of renewables: an adaptive governance framework.

Renewables of the future

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John Mullen 1.JPG Events 23.11.22

John Mullen, Country Market Director, Energy at Ramboll provides an insight into the work Ramboll have been undertaking with Scottish Water.

Renewables project case study

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Lord Debn DSC_2819.JPG Events 23.11.22

Lord Deben, Chairman of the UK's Independent Committee on Climate Change, opens the conference with an impactful speech.

Opening keynote | Making Sustainability Profitable

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Juliet DSC_2992.JPG Reports & Briefings 23.11.22

Green entrepreneur, Juliet Davenport was the final keynote speaker at our Natural Capital and Renewable Energy Investment Conference.

Closing keynote | Juliet Davenport

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Some of the UK's leading experts in Natural Capital and Renewable Energy assembled in London alongside the country's most forward-thinking investors, landowners and policy makers:

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Andy DSC_2932.JPG
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Nazmiye DSC_2943.JPG
matt hay
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Lisa Bulmer 1
John Tweddle & Lord Deben
Rob Hopwood
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Roland, Andy, Ros
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Ros DSC_3021.JPG
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Ros Clifford, our head of Energy and Renewables, gives her personal thoughts on the day

The biggest upside to all this? Having a future planet to live on

One week on from the finale of COP27, Bidwells brought together leading decision-makers and investors from across the public and private sectors to drive conversations on the potential of natural capital and renewables markets, which are generating both environmental and financial reward - for landowners, investors and developers.

The biggest upside to all this? Having a future planet to live on

What are the opportunities in Natural Capital Investment?

In this article, find out:

- How Natural Capital Investment can be profitable for both landowners and developers

- How developers can benefit from biodiversity net gain, rather than just being a requirement

- Types of natural capital and environmental net gain, and the different markets in England and Scotland

- Why ignoring nature recovery could affect your bottom line  

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Rosalind Clifford

Partner, Head of Energy & Renewables

A holistic approach to energy and renewable related property issues sets Ros head and shoulders above her peers.

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Roland Bull

Partner, Head of Rural Investment

Roland oversees rural investment property worth £1bn for the UK’s oldest landowners. He’s also helping shape the country’s newest and most sustainable investment markets.

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