Finlay holds great stock in developing long-term relationships with clients – an ethos which has seen him deliver many high-profile projects.

As our managing partner for Scotland, Finlay has been involved with some stand-out projects in Scotland's most iconic landscapes - from Glencoe to Ardnamurchan. The key to this success is his ability to really communicate with clients to understand their needs and aspirations.

With farming parents, Finlay has a deep-rooted love of the Scottish countryside and still retains a small farming operation. Like our firm as a whole, he is acutely aware of changing markets and global demands and actively responds to challenges head on.

Recognising that he is lucky to work in a sector that is also his life-long interest, Finlay is particularly interested in the restructure and diversification of rural businesses. He takes pleasure in transforming a traditional property, where income generation is challenging, into a viable and profitable business.

Long-term diversification projects and those which are benefitting from renewable technologies and landscape-scale environmental improvements tick all Finlay's boxes. The award-winning Kinlochleven Woodland Regeneration Scheme, the sale of Kilchoan Estate and the iconic Kingshouse Hotel are just three such initiatives.

Finlay is MRICS accredited.



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Natural Capital

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Crystal Rig sun. 1JPG Events 23.11.22

Investment is being viewed through a new environmental lens. Funds seeking sustainable ventures are channelling capital into land-based assets to deliver tangible natural capital and renewables projects.

Natural Capital & Renewable Energy Investment Conference

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Image of Ghost woodlands Insights 27.07.22

A focus on carbon credits is leading to new woodland creation being prioritised over the restoration and expansion of our remnant native woodlands. But the time has come to take a closer look at our so-called 'ghost' woodlands and, where possible, to resurrect them.

Resurrecting Natural Capital: Ghost Woodlands

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Image of shutterstock_187076138 Insights 02.03.22

If 2021 was a crucial year for our global response to climate breakdown, then maybe 2022 can be the biodiversity equivalent?

Biodiversity’s Big Year?

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Carbon - Rural Outlook 24pp brochure 2021 Reports & Briefings 09.02.22

In 2019, the UK and Scottish Governments made their commitments to net zero, with target dates of 2050 and 2045 respectively. Relatively, both countries are progressing well, with emissions falling faster than in other major developed economies. However, with 326m tonnes of ‘carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e)’ emitted in 2020, there is still a long road ahead.

The reality of the UK’s net zero ambition: the role of carbon capture

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Peat_pool,_Wedder_Law Insights 15.12.21

In a previous article, we outlined the £8.6bn opportunity for private investment into peatland restoration - in Scotland alone. But as the rules and standards around corporate climate action evolve, there is a risk that certain types of nature-based solution are sidelined, because they reduce emissions rather than removing carbon from the atmosphere.

Avoiding emissions or avoiding the problem? The case of peatland carbon

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COP26 Insights 04.11.21

Everyone has such high hopes for COP26. For many, it is a hope born of desperation; an awareness that these negotiations really do represent our last best chance to course correct with regards to our impact on the planet.

COP26 – Let’s sweat the small stuff

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Super Bee Report 17.03.23

Welcome to Bidwells' Scotland Spring Newsletter.

Our View on Scotland - Spring 2023

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Image of Scotland Newsletter bird Report 22.03.22

Welcome to Bidwells' spring 2022 Scotland Newsletter.

Our View on Scotland - Spring 2022

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