Opening keynote | Making Sustainability Profitable

23 Nov 2022 12.00am

Lord Deben, Chairman of the UK's Independent Committee on Climate Change, opens the conference with an impactful speech.

Nov 2022
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The conference kicked off with a keynote speech from Lord Deben, who served for sixteen years as a British minister, including Secretary of State for the Environment.

Lord Deben is also Chairman of the UK Government’s Committee on Climate Change, he chairs Valpak Ltd, and the Personal Investment Management & Financial Advice Association, and is a director of Castle Trust.

Listen again to Lord Deben's keynote...

Lord Deben's Opening keynote speech

Ladies, gentlemen, I'm very pleased to be here and, I want to start just by reminding us that, the words net zero are two: net and zero, and both of them are crucially important. We tend to think about it in terms of reducing our emissions and of course bringing them down to zero is a very real and important target.

But the 'net' bit reminds us that we can't do it. In other words, we all emit, you are all emitting at the moment. I'm emitting, always feel sorry for the poor old cows who get blamed for emissions. But we don't. And yet we, by our very lives, emit. What has happened to the world is that we both have loaded it with so many emissions that it can't cope.

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