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      Suffolk Local Plan Watch - Spring 2023

      17 May 2023 2 MINUTE READ

      Local Plan Watch-Suffolk.jpg

      Whilst Ipswich Borough Council and East Suffolk continue to enjoy up-to-date Local Plans, Mid Suffolk and Babergh continue to grapple with the adoption of their Local Plan Part 1, with the proposed Main Modifications consultation closing earlier this month, and further Hearing sessions taking place between 26th June and 29th June 2023.

      Assuming that Mid Suffolk and Babergh are able to keep the Part 1 Plan on track, further opportunities may arise for land promotion in Mid Suffolk and Babergh as they move on to their Part 2 Plan towards the end of 2023.
      Elsewhere, West Suffolk have recently concluded their Regulation 18 consultation, and their Pre-Submission (Regulation 19) consultation is expected towards the end of 2023.

      Furthermore, it will be interesting to see how the recent May elections might impact planning applications and committees within the Suffolk Local Planning Authorities. There have been huge changes within East Suffolk Council, with the Greens coming out as the largest party. The Greens have also been successful within Mid Suffolk, taking their first ever majority Council and becoming the largest party within Babergh. The Conservatives were previously the largest parties within these locations, albeit the Greens will likely be pursuing a coalition government to ensure a majority within East Suffolk and Babergh going forward.

      Although the Conservatives have lost their majority within West Suffolk Council, they still remain the largest party in the area. It will be interesting to see whether all parties will try to form coalitions to obtain the majority vote within this location.

      There are very limited changes within Ipswich Borough Council, with Labour remaining comfortably in control.

      Five Year Housing Supply

      Ipswich Borough Council have recently (April 2023) published their latest 5-year land supply, claiming a marginal figure of 5.2 years, which could open up opportunities for windfall development in future months.

      All of the remaining Suffolk Authorities are also currently able to demonstrate a 5-year land supply, although this figure is marginal for West Suffolk, who can only demonstrate a 5.4-year supply as of February 2022.



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      For detail on emerging Local Plan position in Suffolk please click on the map below.


      Our Planning team

      Local Plan Watch - Spring 2023

      Our Local Plan Watch provides an update on the progress of the Local Plans coming forward across our region to allocate new land for development and highlights the key opportunities for landowners, promoters and developers. 

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