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Berners Hall Farm33

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Combine farm Report 14.02.23

It turns out that announcements on farm and environmental policy are like London buses - you wait for ages and then three come along at once.

Detail on environmental land management scheme (ELMS) revealed at last

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Berners Hall Farm27 (2) Report 07.02.23

Inflation peaked at 11% and we've had eight successive interest rate increases since January 2022, taking the current Bank of England base rate to 4% (at the time of writing).

Introduction | Rural Outlook

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House Report 10.01.23

Legacy development focuses on preserving and enhancing the natural environment for future generations. It is an increasingly popular approach to creating sustainable, livable communities that benefit the people within them and the surrounding environment.

Consider joining the Landowner-Led Legacy Development

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Paddy article Report 10.01.23

Is your land suitable for Industrial and Logistics Development? If you are planning to use a parcel of land for industrial or logistics development, our checklist can be a great starting point.

Development Land Checklist

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Cambridge County Council Lower Valley Farm (10) Report 10.01.23

By guest contributor, Susan Twining, CLA - The development of natural capital markets for environmental benefits has unlocked investment interest and funding opportunities for landowners. Farmers and land managers are facing major changes in agriculture policy.

Uncovering the benefits of natural capital: a landowner’s view

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Berners Hall Farm22 (1) Report 14.02.23

The last year has seen a major spike in global grain prices – exacerbated, but not solely caused - by Russia’s war in Ukraine.

Breaking free from the input-output price dilemma: a guide for arable farmers

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2892019 20734.JPG Report 18.01.23

Regenerative Agriculture is capturing headlines and attracting attention – but few agree on exactly what is involved. In a paper published by Bidwells earlier this year, we attempt to define the concept – and find a lot of good old-fashioned husbandry at its heart.

Feed the soil, not the plants

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Renewables Report 10.01.23

The UK government might lift restrictions on onshore wind projects in England, which currently act as a ban on these developments. This brings huge opportunities for landowners. In this article, we talk you through where to start.

Switch on to the potential of Onshore Wind

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WrothamPark108 Report 11.01.23

Rural property is often held by institutional investors to diversify a wider portfolio. It has typically been seen as a haven during times of economic uncertainty and so, with the prospect of a year-long recession looming over the UK, rural property has its part to play for investors.

Rural Property Index Overview

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Farmcare, Coldham 1 Report 11.01.23

Over the past 12 months, land values have increased, despite the economic and political turmoil. It is clear the farmland market is continuing along its own path, with extraordinary demand for agricultural and rural property seen across the region.

Rural Property Market Update

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A147_Wellcome_Trust_Lordship_Farm_HLS_N6 Report 10.01.23

Whether you’re a developer looking to meet biodiversity net gain requirements or a landowner looking to make use of land with no development potential, natural capital investment provides a plethora of opportunities.

What are the opportunities in Natural Capital Investment?

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Summerhouse Farm

Our client wanted to diversify their farm income through the provision of a dog training and exercise field but had twice been refused by the local planning authority.

Summerhouse farm

Gaylors farm

Our client’s objective was to provide a substantial residential dwelling in an unsustainable and sensitive Green Belt location site that comprised a redundant agricultural building in poor condition.

Gaylors farm 2

Ragged Hall

Our client’s site formed part of their private residence but was highly constrained due to being in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and in the setting of a Listed Building.

Ragged hall

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