Rob’s longevity in the accounting world shows dedication to his profession, and Bidwells.

From working on the largest farm acquisition in the UK to assisting small-holdings with their annual accounts, he has developed an understanding of how all client accounting functions work for residential, commercial, rural property and farming.

Rob's commitment and professionalism to clients, and his desire to go above and beyond to understand their objectives, ensures he delivers a first-class accounting service.

The diversity of the sectors that Rob works in means he is constantly exposed to accounting challenges, which allow him to problem solve on a daily basis - something which he loves.



Property & Estates Management

Maximise the performance of your property assets

Client Accounting

You need a safe pair of hands to manage your financial affairs

Wellcome Trust

To ensure exposure to agricultural and rural investment as part of a wider £30bn+ global endowment, we provide strategic oversight and administration with a high-level of delegated authority, and proactively identify and deliver value.


Wellcome Trust - Farmcare

Wellcome has held agricultural investments in the UK since 1997 with Bidwells as their primary advisor. They wanted to grow their endowment but with no clear allocation to heighten their exposure to agriculture, Bidwells was ready to act when the Farmcare portfolio became available for acquisition.

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