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Wellcome Trust - Farmcare

Wellcome Trust

Wellcome has held agricultural investments in the UK since 1997 with Bidwells as their primary advisor. They wanted to grow their endowment but with no clear allocation to heighten their exposure to agriculture, Bidwells was ready to act when the Farmcare portfolio became available for acquisition.

Following a period of tracking the portfolio as a potential acquisition opportunity, and one which would fit Wellcome’s criteria, we carried out extensive research and meaningful analysis on the large, spread out and highly diverse portfolio, enabling the client to make an informed decision at an early stage.

We project managed the acquisition process and provided detailed commentary of what would be required in the management of the portfolio. The exclusivity clause we helped secure meant that Wellcome could carry out full and proper due diligence and spot opportunities to derive best value from the deal. 

The portfolio had an ethical outlook in line with Wellcome’s investment principles, and the purchase was met with acquiescence in the press with natural synergies in terms of on-farm educational studies for school children and education on nutrition.

We have been retained to advise on future acquisitions and strategic opportunities to enhance the portfolio and add further value. In addition, and post-purchase, a Bidwells partner was invited to take a seat on the Farmcare board.

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Roland oversees rural investment property worth £1bn for the UK’s oldest landowners. He’s also helping shape the country’s newest and most sustainable investment markets.

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