Buckinghamshire Local Plan Watch - Autumn 2022

06.10.22 2 MINUTE READ

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With both Milton Keynes (April 2022) and Buckinghamshire (September 2022) having completed their Call for Sites, work can now progress on the evidence bases of both plans in preparation of expected Regulation 18 consultations during 2023.

Whilst the results of the call for sites are yet to be published, it is known that Buckinghamshire will need to identify greenfield sites for allocation as it has already been acknowledged that there are insufficient brownfield sites across the county to meet need.

The similar Local Plan timetables, with both plans working to adoption before 2025, provides an opportunity for strong collaboration between Milton Keynes Council and Buckinghamshire Council, particularly around the spatial strategy for north Buckinghamshire. Milton Keynes, through its Growth Strategy, has already explored potential growth options for the area, with allocations on the edge on Milton Keynes in the VALP showing the potential the area offers to meet Buckinghamshire’s need. With a potential route for a southern bypass reserved through the South East MK site, there may be mutual benefits in the authorities collaborating and exploring the potential of this area in more detail.

Five Year Housing Land Supply

The latest Milton Keynes Council position is the Assessment of Five Year Housing Land Supply 2021/22 to 2025/26, published in September 2021 identifying a 5YHLS position of 5.98 years.

Updates have confirmed that in the first quarter of 2022/23, there were 971 completions – the highest quarterly figure since 1989. With over 3,000 units under construction, supply in Milton Keynes remains strong.


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Local Plan Watch - Autumn 2022

Our Local Plan Watch provides an update on the progress of the Local Plans coming forward across our region to allocate new land for development and highlights the key opportunities for landowners, promoters and developers. 

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