Bedfordshire Local Plan Watch - Spring 2022

25.4.22 2 MINUTE READ

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Local plan reviews are now progressing in Bedfordshire; opportunities for the promotion of strategic land are emerging.

The review of the Bedford Borough Local Plan 2030 is already underway, with a Call for Sites consultation closing in early 2021 and an Issues and Options concluding in September 2021.

The Council have just published their Draft Plan. The plan has attempted to focus employment/residential growth within/adjacent to the urban area, and within the A421 corridor. New settlements are proposed in Little Barford and at Kempston Hardwick, and significant growth is proposed around Wixams, Gibraltar Corner and Shortstown. Neighbourhood plans remain a focus for the delivery of smaller development sites in Bedford Borough and it is noted that Neighbourhood Plans have progressed, with plans made in recent months in Great Barford, Harrold, Wooton and Willington.

Bedford Borough are set to consult on the Draft Plan between 15th June – 29th July 2022.

Central Beds have finally set out their timetable for their Local Plan Review, with a Regulation 18 consultation in September/November 2024 and a Regulation 19 consultation in June/July 2025. Landowners/developers should gear up for the impending Call for Sites process which will kick off the consultation on this Local Plan update.

Luton’s Local Plan is five years old this year and the Borough should be considering its review, although there has been no evidence of this process starting to date. Opportunities for growth may be limited in this authority because of tight administrative boundaries and Green Belt considerations.

Undoubtedly, the preparation of these Local Plans will be influenced by the recent uncertainty on the Oxford-Cambridge Arc. Similarly, the talk of reform of the Standard Methodology from National Government will be a hot issue in Bedfordshire, particularly given that these authorities are set to see a sharp increase in housing numbers under the current figures.

Five Year Land supply 

All Bedfordshire authorities claim a five year housing land supply.

Bedford Borough’s latest 5YHLS position covers a five year period up to 2025/6 and claims a 6.56 year land supply. Similarly, Luton Borough’s latest 5YHLS position covers a five year period up to 2024/5 and claims 6.36 years.


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For detail on emerging Local Plan position in Bedfordshire please click on the map below.


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