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Image of Supercluster_180624 156 Podcast/Recording 18.06.24

Moderated by Sarah Haywood of Advanced Oxford, this dynamic panel discussion brought together esteemed experts to explore the cutting-edge innovations shaping the future of healthcare.

Innovative Sectors Driving the Future of Healthcare

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Image of Supercluster_180624 115 Podcast/Recording 18.06.24

In this keynote address, Andrew Griffith, Minister for Science, Innovation and Technology, discusses the UK's vision of becoming a global science and technology superpower.

Making the UK a Scientific Superpower

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Image of Supercluster_180624 139 Podcast/Recording 18.06.24

Dr. Kristin-Anne Rutter delivers an insightful keynote on harnessing the power of the NHS to fuel scientific breakthroughs and innovation, positioning the UK as a global leader in healthcare.

Leveraging the NHS and the UK’s Unique Position

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Image of Supercluster_180624 87 Podcast/Recording 18.06.24

Tim Smith from Sifted moderates an insightful discussion with a distinguished panel featuring Mark Thompson (PsiQuantum), Sheelpa Patel (Melbournes and Mavericks, King's Entrepreneurship Lab), and Andrew Williamson (Cambridge Innovation Capital).

Is the UK Investable?

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Image of Supercluster_180624 60 Podcast/Recording 18.06.24

Mark Thompson, co-founder of PsiQuantum, one of the world's largest privately-owned quantum computing companies, shares the remarkable journey of the company from its inception by UK academics to its rise in Silicon Valley and eventual return to the UK.

The Special Relationship: Why PsiQuantum came home from the US

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Image of Supercluster_180624 159 (1) Podcast/Recording 18.06.24

Andy Teacher leads a thought-provoking discussion with esteemed panelists as they explore the concept of global superclusters and their impact on innovation.

Creating a Global Supercluster

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Image of Supercluster_180624 136 Podcast/Recording 18.06.24

Moderator Dr. Andy Williams led a thought-provoking discussion with our esteemed panelists on the importance of connecting innovation clusters across the UK.

Innovation Constellation – Connecting Clusters to Accelerate R&D Across the UK

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Image of Supercluster_180624 53 Podcast/Recording 18.06.24

Rt Hon Greg Clark MP, Professor Irene Tracey CBE, and Vicky Pryce share insights on crafting an effective industrial strategy in this thought-provoking panel discussion moderated by Professor Greg Clark CBE.

What does a good industrial strategy look like?

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Image of Supercluster_180624 89 Podcast/Recording 17.06.24

This session brought together an esteemed panel featuring Barbara Ghinelli as the moderator and highlighted the pioneering projects and collaborative efforts driving connectivity and innovation across the UK.

Powering Progress: Innovative Projects Connecting the UK

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Image of shutterstock_2332200991 Insights 22.05.24

A recent ministerial announcement creates a new headache for solar developments, as confusion grows over land policy – while the idea of a Land Use Framework remains opaque.

New headache for solar developments as confusion grows over land policy

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Image of Eddington_200421 39 Blog 16.04.24

2023 was a challenging year for the residential development land market due to a subdued new build sales market caused by rising mortgage interest rates and the end of the Help to Buy Scheme.

Residential Development Market Update 2024

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Image of Hourglass Blog 04.04.24

Time is a valuable thing. We all value our time and appreciate a timely planning application decision (no matter how rare they might feel at present).

Is the clampdown on ‘extension of time’ agreements the solution to the problem?

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Image of Royal Highland show image

Royal Highland Show 2024

Royal Highland Show 2024 rural breakfast briefing energises audience with land reform and sustainability debate.

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Image of Bisnow - slide cover

Headline Sponsors at Bisnow's Build to Rent Annual Conference (BTRAC) 2024

Iain Murray, our Head of Operational Living, gave the opening keynote presentation and joined a panel at the Bisnow BTRAC conference in Canary Wharf, London.

12 June 2024
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Image of UKREIIF Webpage background

Bidwells at UKREiiF 2024

At the Bidwells pavilion this year, we launched our Productivity Engine report and discussed key topics from it. We examined the crucial role of productivity in UK economic growth and living standards.

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Image of IMG_0486

Founder to Founder, Exclusive insights from Oxfordshire’s Leading CEOs

If you were in a room with Oxfordshire’s top CEOs – what would you ask them?

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ARC Databook Background

Offices and Labs Databooks webinar Jan 2024

We heard our experts discuss Bidwells’ latest research on the Offices & Labs market across Cambridge, Oxford, M1 South, and Norfolk & Suffolk.

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Country road through wind farm

Switch on to onshore wind

In this podcast, planning and renewables experts discuss the current situation with Onshore Wind and its relevance to landowners, as well as views from the RSPB for those who wish to know more about the interaction between wildlife and renewable energy developments.

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ITS Oxford Logo-Strapline-White Background

The challenge of scaling leadership as an organisation grows

When companies are small, it’s easy. Leaders are connected to each element of the business; keeping everyone aligned and motivated. But as companies grow, great leadership becomes harder and harder to deliver.

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onshore wind farm 2

Are onshore renewables right for me?

This highly practical webinar held in partnership with Farmers’ Weekly magazine examines the central question being asked by farmers and landowners across England.

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IF Oxford Science & Ideas Festival

We have partnered up with IF Oxford this year to help build science, social and cultural capital in the community we live and work in to help ‘open doors’ to careers in science and technology and support socioeconomic mobility.

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Image of Built-Environment-Networking-600x399

The Future of the Oxford to Cambridge Region Conference

Listen to real estate leaders from across the Oxford-Cambridge Arc discuss key issues facing the region at The Future of the Oxford to Cambridge Region Conference 2023.

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1200x628 Linkedin Databooks

Offices & Labs Databook Presentation

Bidwells bitesize online presentation provided an update on the Offices and Labs Market across Oxford & Cambridge.

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Bidwells bitesize

Bidwells Bitesize: Revitalise, Reimagine, Repurpose Breakfast Seminar

On 18th July 2023, we held our breakfast seminar on ‘Meeting Lab Demand with Innovative Spaces' in partnership with COEL

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Nov 2020

Unleashing the Arc: Build, Build, Build

With central Government proposing an Arc-wide spatial strategy and four development corporations for the Arc, is MHCLG now striking the right balance with local policy-making to Build, Build, Build at the pace required?

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Oct 2020

Unleashing the Arc: Is the green belt choking green economic growth?

While the Government is planning for large-scale infrastructure and economic growth in the Oxford to Cambridge Arc, the Wildlife Trust is promoting it’s bold green vision for the region. We will discussed how we can create a regional ‘green infrastructure plan’.

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Oct 2020

WEBINAR: Local Plan Watch Autumn 2020

Bidwells' latest webinar provided an update on the progress of local plans coming forward across the Oxford-Cambridge Arc and London, plus strategic planning opportunities arising from the Planning White Paper.

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Jul 2020

What's next for the Oxford-Cambridge Arc's knowledge economy?

Our latest Oxford to Cambridge Arc webinar took place this week with guests debating the future of the initiative with planning partner and Arc lead, Rob Hopwood.

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Eddington_200421 4
Jul 2020

The Future of Residential Development - Webinar Series

We hosted a four-part webinar discussing the future of residential development.

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Jun 2020

Rural estates taking on the challenge of Covid-19

David Slack, MD of Yattendon Estates, joined Katie Delafield, Sam Coles, and John Coates to discuss the challenges he is facing during the current restrictions on public movements.

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Jun 2020

Prioritising sustainability in an uncertain economy

Both political and public pressure are driving the sustainability agenda, and the property market needs to respond to this.

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Image of superpower image with tint
Jan 0001

Creating a Scientific Superpower 2024

On the day, we explored the challenges of establishing an environment that attracts global talent and international business, while facilitating the journey from spin-out to IPO, and securing venture capital during a period of economic uncertainty.

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