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red-zeppelin-wK8FotlDnrc-unsplash Insights 18.01.23

A new movement is gaining pace in farming. It’s even found its way into farm policy. Yet it remains opaque, nebulous and slightly hard to define. In this paper we look at Regenerative Agriculture, and where it might cross over with other schools of farming thought.

Our view on regenerative agriculture

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Peat_pan-Simon2 Insights 15.12.22

Despite peatland restoration being near the top of the natural capital management agenda and millions of pounds being invested in the practice, there is no real definition of what peatland restoration actually is.

Getting restoration right, for peat's sake!

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Image of OA204_N2_medium Insights 07.12.22

Whether you’re a developer looking to meet biodiversity net gain requirements or a landowner looking to make use of land with no development potential, natural capital investment provides a plethora of opportunities.

What are the opportunities in Natural Capital Investment?

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Image of Cambridge Science Park - 25 BioInnovation Centre TusPark 17 Insights 06.12.22

Since the turn of the millennia, the office and the laboratory stock for commercial businesses in the city has more than doubled in size, and that just shows you the kind of demand for space.

The Future of Life Sciences Real Estate in Cambridge

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Nutrient Neutrality Insights 29.11.22

A recent statement by Natural England provides hope that a solution to Nutrient Neutrality may not be too far away.

A solution to Nutrient Neutrality may not be far away

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Image of shutterstock_1738679645 Insights 18.11.22

Senior Planner, Billy Palmer, kicks off the first blog in our series ‘Sites for Sore Eyes’, discussing how urban environments are impacted by the demand for schools and other educational facilities.

Sites for Sore Eyes: Where Did All the Schools Go?

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Image of Life Sciences Budget blog Insights 17.11.22

Today’s Budget saw the Government recommitting to its innovation agenda after Jeremy Hunt, the chancellor, announced that public funding for R&D (research and development) will increase to £20bn by 2024/5.

Innovation can light the way through the dark economic tunnel the UK is entering today

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RTPI Young Planners 2022 Blog 03.11.22

After two years of online CPD sessions, virtual catch-ups and seeing people through screens, the Thames Valley RTPI Young Planners Committee brought the Young Planners Conference back with a bang!

Art, Inclusion and the Young Planners Conference 2022

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Devonshire Gardens CGI Blog 26.10.22

Principal Planner, Ben Pridgeon, discusses the use of Planning Performance Agreements and why they are becoming increasingly important in planning applications.

Why are Planning Performance Agreements an increasingly necessary tool for planning applications?

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Eddington_200421 0 Insights 06.10.22

Across the Oxford to Cambridge Arc, and the east and south eastern regions, Bidwells continues to see strong demand and competition for residential development sites.

Residential Development Market Update

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Image of Fordham_Wet_Woods_And_Great_Wilbraham_210421 8 Insights 06.10.22

The Environment Act 2021 mandates all new developments in England to provide a 10% uplift in biodiversity, to be maintained for a 30-year period. DEFRA’s biodiversity metric uses habitat type as a proxy, placing a value on the biodiversity a habitat is likely to support by allocating ‘biodiversity units’.

Local Plan Watch: Biodiversity Net Gain

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Annotation 2022-10-03 182257 Insights 03.10.22

The Norfolk Councils have published their long-awaited Norfolk Nutrient Budget Calculator, alongside revised maps of the relevant Catchments, devised by Royal Haskoning DHV.

The Norfolk Nutrient Budget Calculator and updated Catchment Maps: One step closer to a solution?

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Image of Manor Farm, Mill Way, Grantchester 41

Cambridge Residential Rental Market Report, Summer 2024

As the UK faces a new government and potential shifts in SDLT for overseas buyers, our Q2 report delves into the static housing market, rising rents, and shifting demand towards larger homes.

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Image of 240523 London Open  Operating Report 2024 v1

BTR Open & Operating Report | London

London boasts 43% of operational UK BTR, but regional pipeline dominates.

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Image of Electricity

Net Zero Carbon and Electricity Demand – Binding Targets, Barriers and Bonuses

By 2035 the UK has a target to decarbonise the whole electricity system for Great Britain (GB), whilst also increasing demand for electricity by 50% over the same period.

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Image of Housing stock

The Right Home, in the Right Place, at the Right Time

Operational living is transforming housing options in the UK, offering flexibility and accessibility to suit diverse lifestyles at different stages of their lives and careers.

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Image of People

Productivity Engine: Foreword from Diane Coyle, Bennett Professor of Public Policy

A society’s productivity, the key to its prosperity and living standards, reflects the outcome of decisions taken over many years or even decades. Britain’s flatlining productivity today reflects the disappearance of this long-term perspective.

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Image of robert-bye-4hcpIbqQM8c-unsplash

Planning Reform and Productivity

Two quotes, half a century and a continent apart, explain why housebuilding has declined to 145,000 per year, less than half of the Government’s objective of 300,000 p.a.

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Image of green-and-blue-light-wave-of-energy-with-elegant-g-2023-11-27-05-32-19-utc

Productivity Engine: Preface from Bidwells’ Senior Partner Nick Pettit

Productivity is measured by dividing the output of goods and services by the number of hours which people have worked.

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Image of Productivity Brain Landscape

The Productivity Engine

In Bidwells’ latest groundbreaking report, The Productivity Engine, we uncover the fundamental role that space plays in understanding - and solving - the UK’s productivity problems.

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Image of shutterstock_151149641

We must land on a strategy for our most precious resource

Making more efficient use of Britain’s most finite resource—land—is our best chance to enhance the country’s sluggish productivity. It’s as simple as that.

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Image of jason-rai-LLW_jnBdQVY-unsplash

Real estate can drive productivity by supporting regional centres of excellence

The United Kingdom, once celebrated for its industrial prowess and ingenuity, now confronts a dire economic reality marked by a persistent productivity crisis.

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Image of rental report image spring 2024

Cambridge Residential Rental Market Report, Spring 2024

Oxford Economics forecast a rapid decline in the bank rate this year and next, ending 2024 at 4% and 2025 at 3%.

Spring 2024
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Image of The Oxford advantage_2024

The Oxford Advantage

Mills & Reeve and Bidwells have partnered together to deliver a unique insight into the Oxford, Cambridge, London arc – often called the ‘Golden Triangle’ – that will explore the way businesses in the technology, life sciences and real estate sectors work together.

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Image of Royal Highland show image
Jun 2024

Royal Highland Show 2024

Royal Highland Show 2024 rural breakfast briefing energises audience with land reform and sustainability debate.

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Image of Bisnow - slide cover
Jun 2024

Headline Sponsors at Bisnow's Build to Rent Annual Conference (BTRAC) 2024

Iain Murray, our Head of Operational Living, gave the opening keynote presentation and joined a panel at the Bisnow BTRAC conference in Canary Wharf, London.

12 June 2024
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Image of UKREIIF Webpage background
May 2024

Bidwells at UKREiiF 2024

At the Bidwells pavilion this year, we launched our Productivity Engine report and discussed key topics from it. We examined the crucial role of productivity in UK economic growth and living standards.

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Image of IMG_0486
Feb 2024

Founder to Founder, Exclusive insights from Oxfordshire’s Leading CEOs

If you were in a room with Oxfordshire’s top CEOs – what would you ask them?

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ARC Databook Background
Jan 2024

Offices and Labs Databooks webinar Jan 2024

We heard our experts discuss Bidwells’ latest research on the Offices & Labs market across Cambridge, Oxford, M1 South, and Norfolk & Suffolk.

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Country road through wind farm
Dec 2023

Switch on to onshore wind

In this podcast, planning and renewables experts discuss the current situation with Onshore Wind and its relevance to landowners, as well as views from the RSPB for those who wish to know more about the interaction between wildlife and renewable energy developments.

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ITS Oxford Logo-Strapline-White Background
Nov 2023

The challenge of scaling leadership as an organisation grows

When companies are small, it’s easy. Leaders are connected to each element of the business; keeping everyone aligned and motivated. But as companies grow, great leadership becomes harder and harder to deliver.

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onshore wind farm 2
Oct 2023

Are onshore renewables right for me?

This highly practical webinar held in partnership with Farmers’ Weekly magazine examines the central question being asked by farmers and landowners across England.

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Oct 2023

IF Oxford Science & Ideas Festival

We have partnered up with IF Oxford this year to help build science, social and cultural capital in the community we live and work in to help ‘open doors’ to careers in science and technology and support socioeconomic mobility.

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Image of Built-Environment-Networking-600x399
Sep 2023

The Future of the Oxford to Cambridge Region Conference

Listen to real estate leaders from across the Oxford-Cambridge Arc discuss key issues facing the region at The Future of the Oxford to Cambridge Region Conference 2023.

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1200x628 Linkedin Databooks
Sep 2023

Offices & Labs Databook Presentation

Bidwells bitesize online presentation provided an update on the Offices and Labs Market across Oxford & Cambridge.

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Bidwells bitesize
Jul 2023

Bidwells Bitesize: Revitalise, Reimagine, Repurpose Breakfast Seminar

On 18th July 2023, we held our breakfast seminar on ‘Meeting Lab Demand with Innovative Spaces' in partnership with COEL

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