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      Suffolk Local Plan Watch - Autumn 2020

      The proposed new standard methodology for calculating housing need would see a significant increase in the housing requirement for Suffolk as a whole, with the majority of authorities seeing increases to varying degrees.

      23 Sep 2020 2 MINUTE READ
      Local Plan Watch Autumn 2020 Suffolk

      Key highlights

      • West Suffolk are pushing on with their new Local Plan; Issues and Options consultation will run from 13th October for 10 weeks.
      • Having recently received the Inspectors Report, that found the Plan sound subject to Main Modifications being incorporated, Suffolk Coastal members voted to Adopt their new Local Plan at Full Council on 23 September 2020.

      Babergh and Mid Suffolk

      The Babergh and Mid Suffolk Joint Local Plan - Preferred Options Consultation (Reg 18) was approved by Babergh Council on 25th June 2019 and Mid Suffolk Council on 27th June 2019. Public consultations took place between 22nd July and 30th September 2019. The Final Draft Plan (Reg 19) consultation is expected to progress in Autumn 2020, to be submitted in winter 2020/21, with Examination in Summer 2021, and adoption in winter 2021/22.

      East Suffolk (Waveney and Suffolk Coastal)

      The Waveney Local Plan was adopted on 20 March 2019 to guide development until 2036. The next Local Plan review is expected in 2024.

      The Suffolk Coastal Local Plan has been subject to Examination, with the Inspector’s Report (received on 8 September 2020) finding the Plan sound subject to Main Modifications being incorporated. Full Council voted to Adopt the Plan at their meeting on 23 September 2020.

      Ipswich Borough

      The Ipswich Council Local Plan Review (2018-2036) was submitted for examination on 10 June 2020. Due to Covid-19 delays, the council is currently working towards an adoption schedule, which has not been finalised.

      West Suffolk (Forest Heath and St Edmundsbury)

      West Suffolk District Council’s Regulation 18 Issues and Options consultation is due to begin on 13th October 2020, running for 10 weeks. It considers a number of options to accommodate the planned housing and employment requirements, including the potential to focus growth within a new settlement(s). The current timescale for preparation of the new plan, which will cover the period to 2040, envisages a Preferred Options Consultation in Autumn 2021, Pre-Submission Consultation in Summer 2022, and Adoption by 2024.

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