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      Development Land Checklist

      Is your land suitable for Industrial and Logistics Development? If you are planning to use a parcel of land for industrial or logistics development, our checklist can be a great starting point.

      10 Jan 2023

      Though it provides a broad guide, there may be certain exceptions that need to be explored. Our experts will assess your needs accurately and suggest options that will get the job done. Get in touch with our specialist team and make sure your investment is a success!


      Brownfield or greenfield sites are usually a good place to start for industrial and logistics development. 


      Connectivity is key, the best sites are close to major trunk roads, motorways, and A-roads with junction access. Many of our sites are on the A14, M1, A1 and A11.


      Land that contains existing agricultural buildings can often be redeveloped for industrial and warehouse use.


      At Bidwells, we tend to look of a minimum of three acres in a prime area, but it is ideally 50-500 acres of ‘big box’ schemes.


      Ideally, the site would be away from residential areas, but this is not essential.


      Grade three land or poorer would be the most suitable for this kind of development, but if the location of the site is good then there is no restriction on land quality. 


      Occupiers will need access to power, and this is becoming a more significant requirement, with many tenants installing electric vehicle charging points.  


      Consider if the site has realistic chance of achieving planning consent for uses such as storage and distribution and light/general industrial.

      We can source a promoter, promote internally or joint venture partner. We bring like-minded people together. 

      If you’d like to consider options for industrial and logistics development, we’d be happy to help. We can offer advice on planning, occupier market, suitable unit size and density to optimise your land sale or leases.  

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