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      The challenge of scaling leadership as an organisation grows

      When companies are small, it’s easy. Leaders are connected to each element of the business; keeping everyone aligned and motivated. But as companies grow, great leadership becomes harder and harder to deliver.

      17 Nov 2023 Bee House, Milton Park, Oxfordshire 16th November, 8:30 – 10 am

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      Company vision, inspiring leadership and company culture must be planned and grown together to truly flourish. Scaling the key success drivers as you grow allows you to ‘cross each chasm’ and is ultimately what separates the great potentials from the world class.

      Our panel of experts will address the challenges at each level of your business journey and cover practical tips and tricks on how to avoid toxic culture in a scaling business.

      Panellists include:

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      Its oxford event 2 chairman.JPG

      Let’s take a closer look at what’s involved in developing leaders, making communication happen, and sustaining these as an organization grows.

      • What’s important at any stage for leadership and work culture?
      • When should developing new leaders be factored into your growth plan?
      • What does good leadership look like?
      • Who are the leaders learning from?
      • How do you foster positive leadership to build a positive work culture?
      • How do you transition from an 8 person team to a 500 person company with multi-building and plan for effective leadership?

      Breakfast will be provided and there will be ample opportunities to network with your peers.

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