Q-Arc Building, Bar Hill

Peterhouse College, Cambridge
40,000 sq ft

Our client faced a challenge. They owned an old and unattractive building that needed a major upgrade to attract modern tenants. Plus, with our help, they had recovered almost all of the dilapidations claim against the outgoing tenant, leaving the building vacant and ready for modernisation.

We began by managing a smart design and procurement process that enabled works to start as soon as the space became available, limiting vacancy and security issues. Despite challenges around structural interventions and asbestos remediation, we designed upfront packages to overcome these issues and progress works.

Our expert design team modernised the interior of the building and enhanced the external positioning by replacing the cladding to attract midtech market tenants. We also incorporated epoxy resin floors to make the space more appealing.

Our focus on energy efficiency meant upgrading mechanical and electrical equipment, replacing the cladding, and incorporating low-energy designs and daylight-saving modes. This approach improved the building's energy performance from an unlettable E to a B-34 rating.

Q-Arc 2.jpg

Q-Arc 4

The client was left with a modernised space with a strong Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) and modern finishes, ready for a tenant to occupy and fit-out according to their business needs.

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Jonathan Wright

Partner, Building Surveying

Jonathan is an award-winning commercial building surveyor and a qualified principal designer specialising in large, complex projects.

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