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Atholl Estates

Atholl Estates

For over 700 years, Atholl Estates has adapted to and embraced the changing social and political landscape whilst managing its assets to deliver strategic objectives. Bidwells’ role has been to assist in the rationalisation of the available assets and maximise the return from disposals.

Deploying our valuation expertise, we advise on the prospects of saleable propertiesconsidering each property depending on location, scale, style and condition before preparing effective marketing strategies - from cottages to smallholdings with redevelopment potential or larger areas of land suitable for afforestation. 

Our understanding of the markets, underlying sentiment and extensive existing active purchaser lists means that we are well positioned to meet the estate’s aspirations. Marketing campaigns, which amplify the USPs of each property, are developed and delivered across print and digital platforms, leveraging editorial opportunity and appropriate media interest. 

Having consistently exceeded the client’s expectations, we have achieved a 100% record of sales in excess of both the home report and asking prices.

We have been retained as the estate’s agency consultant and strive to continue meeting, and indeed exceeding expectations.

Upper Balchandy Farmhouse | SOLD

Closing dates have been attracting multiple bidders at (sometimes significantly) above asking prices.

The disposals have also allowed some buyers to embark upon new projects, establishing businesses benefiting the local economy.
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The variety of properties made available by Atholl constantly appeals to potential purchasers across a wide geographical area.

Ross’s practical insight and proactive approach in dealing with sometimes novel and complicated issues has helped push transactions forwards where they might otherwise have stalled.
Andrew Bruce Wootton - CEO, Atholl Estates

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