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31 Oct 2023 1.00am

Catch up on our webinar for legal professionals, exploring the current situation with Onshore Wind, recent developments, and their relevance to landowning clients. Watch on demand below.

Oct 2023
Windfarms in Forestry.2



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In light of the Government’s ‘relaxation’ of the de facto ban on onshore wind in England, landowners - especially those that have shown an interest in an onshore wind development before - are already being contacted by wind developers hoping to secure land before their competitors.

It is a great opportunity for landowners to secure long-term rental income from wind projects, but expert property advice is crucial before any commercial agreement is settled.

In our recent webinar, our planning and renewables experts explored the current situation and its relevance to you, as professionals in law, and your landowning clients.

Catch up on the webinar below:


Chris Thyer (1)

Chris Thyer

Partner, Energy & Renewables

Working with a wide variety of clients throughout the UK, Chris is helping them realise the potential of renewables. 

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Rob Hopwood

Partner, Planning

Rob’s infectious energy has driven two decades of planning success for promoters, developers and landowners across the Oxford to Cambridge Arc.

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