Powering Progress: Innovative Projects Connecting the UK

17.6.24 Creating a Scientific Superpower Conference

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This session brought together an esteemed panel featuring Barbara Ghinelli as the moderator and highlighted the pioneering projects and collaborative efforts driving connectivity and innovation across the UK.

During the session, the panelists delved into various themes, such as the importance of collaboration in overcoming regulatory, funding, and technological barriers. They highlighted notable initiatives like the Oxo to Cambridge pan-regional partnership, Midlands Engine, and Northern Powerhouse, showcasing how these efforts translate groundbreaking technologies into thriving businesses. The diverse expertise of the panelists, ranging from biotech to space systems, underscored the multifaceted approach necessary for national and regional growth.

Key takeaways included insights on the transformative potential of artificial intelligence, space-based solar power, and in-space robotics. Darius Hughes discussed Moderna's strategic collaborations in pandemic preparedness and mRNA research, while Sam Adlen emphasized the role of innovation clusters in the rapid development of space solar technology. The discussion concluded with a call for focused, goal-oriented clusters supported by robust government frameworks and industry partnerships. These compelling insights and success stories left the audience eager to learn more about the innovative projects shaping the UK's future.



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Image of Barbara Ghinelli

Chair: Barbara Ghinelli

Director Innovation Clusters and Harwell Campus, UKRI-STFC

Image of Darius Hughes

Darius Hughes

General Manager, Moderna

Image of Sam Adlen

Sam Adlen

Co-CEO, Space Solar

Image of Nelly

Nelly Phillips

Head of Space Systems Strategy UK, Airbus

Image of holly ellis

Holly Ellis

AWS Director for UK Public Sector Technology


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