Is the UK Investable?

18.6.24 Creating a Scientific Superpower Conference

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Tim Smith from Sifted moderates an insightful discussion with a distinguished panel featuring Mark Thompson (PsiQuantum), Sheelpa Patel (Melbournes and Mavericks, King's Entrepreneurship Lab), and Andrew Williamson (Cambridge Innovation Capital).

The expert panel explores the evolving landscape of UK investment in high-tech, high-growth businesses. They discuss how risk appetite, talent acquisition, and the supportive ecosystem in regions like Silicon Valley have historically given US investors an edge.

However, the panellists highlight the significant strides made in the UK over the past decade, particularly in the "golden triangle" of London, Oxford, and Cambridge, where a critical mass of talent, infrastructure, and investment is now enabling homegrown success stories. 

The speakers share valuable insights from their own experiences, emphasising the importance of combining the right skills, mentorship, and commercial acumen to nurture the next generation of innovative companies. They also offer thought-provoking suggestions for how the UK government can further support the growth of these businesses, from celebrating entrepreneurial success to strategically procuring from UK scale-ups. Don't miss this chance to learn from some of the brightest minds in the field as they discuss the exciting future of UK investment. 



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Chair: Tim Smith

News Editor, Sifted

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Andrew Williamson

Managing Partner, Cambridge Innovation Capital

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Sheelpa Patel

Senior Advisory Board Member, Kings Entrepreneurship Lab

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Mark Thompson

Chief Technologist and Co-Founder, PsiQuantum


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