Creating a Global Supercluster

18.6.24 Creating a Scientific Superpower Conference

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Andy Teacher leads a thought-provoking discussion with esteemed panelists as they explore the concept of global superclusters and their impact on innovation.

The panelists, each bringing a wealth of experience and unique perspectives, dive into the definition of a supercluster and its role in fostering collaboration, attracting global talent, and driving economic growth. They examine the importance of geographic proximity, trust networks, and the delicate balance between competition and cooperation in creating successful innovation ecosystems. 

Key insights emerge throughout the discussion, such as the significance of investing in soft infrastructure assets, the need for agility in networking and collaboration across organisations, and the challenges of measuring the true value and impact of superclusters. The panelists share compelling examples from their own experiences, illustrating the transformative power of effective partnerships and the potential for superclusters to compete on a global scale. 



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