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London boasts 43% of operational UK BTR, but regional pipeline dominates.

Since our last report in 2023, the number of operational BTR homes in London has increased 8% from 38,620 to 41,215. Meanwhile, regional BTR has seen 20% growth – now accounting for 57% of all the UK’s operational BTR. 

London remains a significant force in the UK’s BTR sector, having delivered over 41,215 homes for Londoners since BTR’s inception over 10 years ago. However, growth in London has been lacklustre. In the last year, operational BTR has increased 8%, compared to 20% outside London. 

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"The report draws together data from new and established sources which collectively provides valuable market information, customer insights and illustration of the range and quality of BTR assets nationwide. The ARL welcomes this report as it demonstrates the benefits of data sharing and collaboration, how the industry is evolving and where new opportunities might lie - all of which are material to the long-term success of BTR."

- Brendan Geraghty, CEO, ARL

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