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      Under the microscope: Booming Science and Tech clusters

      Over the last 12 months, our research has built up a unique database of science and tech businesses and the floorspace they occupy across the clusters, which tells a myriad of stories about future advances.

      03 Dec 2020 WEBINAR

      Find out more as we discuss the growing clusters across the Arc and which sectors are contributing to the expansion of these clusters.


      • Liz Craig (chair)
        Partner, Bidwells

      • Prof. Andy Neel OBE
        University of Cambridge

      • Pete Wilder
        Oxford Science Innovation

      • Olaide Oboh
        First Base

      • Sue Foxley
        Director of Research, Bidwells

      • David William
        Partner, Bidwells

      • Saul Western
        Partner, Bidwells

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