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Lower Valley Farm, Balsham Road, Cambridge CB21 5DA


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Landscape scale biodiversity net gain initiative creating >1,000* biodiversity units for sale.

Strategically located in the Cambridge Nature Network and buffering the Roman Road SSSI, this initiative will provide significant environmental benefits.

This is an active habitat bank, with habitat works already conducted and a comprehensive implementation and monitoring framework in place with Greater Cambridge Shared Planning, such that biodiversity units are available for immediate allocation.

The entire scheme will generate over 1,000 biodiversity units, alongside contributing to other ecosystem services including community access to nature, improved air and water quality and carbon sequestration.

The Lower Valley Farm habitat bank has been accepted onto the Biodiversity Gain Site Register (reference number: BGS-170524001). To date over 65 biodiversity units have been sold. 


Developers can secure biodiversity units for the following habitat types:

  • Grassland habitats of medium distinctiveness
  • Heathland and shrub habitats of medium distinctiveness
  • Woodland habitats of medium distinctiveness
  • Hedgerow habitats


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South Cambridgeshire
National Character Areas
East Anglian Chalk

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Lisa Bulmer

Associate, Natural Capital

Outgoing and goal orientated, Lisa thrives on bringing about impactful change through natural capital and sustainable investment work.

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