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New Care Home, Harpenden

Jarvis Commercial and Porthaven No.3
4,000 sq m

Our client was seeking to alter an existing property for occupation by the tenant of an adjacent property, thus freeing up their site to create a purpose-built care home.  Working with key stakeholders, we submitted a case to demolish and redevelop an industrial building and, in its place, create a 63-bed care home.

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The initial planning application was refused on the grounds that it sought to protect an established employment site and that the scheme and care home were not appropriate in their proposed location.

We reapplied for alterations to the adjacent site’s access, which was permitted, and subsequently produced a planning appeal with Counsel advice. This included bringing forward expert witnesses on design and amenities, social and economic value, economic impact and care needs.



During the hearing, we laid out how the design made the most of the site’s key aspects and surroundings to provide adequate amenities for residents. We also argued that there were no reasonable, alternative brownfield sites that could meet the identified care needs.

The appeal was granted on all counts, and the Inspector’s conclusion was that the case for housing and residential care significantly outweighed the employment needs for the district.  He also observed that the facility would generate employment as well a wide range of planning benefits that outweighed any perceived harm.

Throughout this challenging project, Bidwells provided a first-class, professional service which guided the application to a successful conclusion.
Michael Margereson - Land Director

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