An approachable, yet driven rural agent, Matthew provides well-researched and in-depth advice to his clients on the purchase and sale of rural and agricultural property.

From farms and bare land or woodland to rural development sites and poultry farms, Matthew has acted for clients on a wide range of property transactions of all sizes focused in the South East and South Midlands.

Providing his clients with advice on how to best market or purchase a property with careful assessment of values, Matthew looks at the wider context of your property, assessing alternative uses and how you can maximise value.

Matthew’s in-depth approach considers your ultimate objectives, and how your property fits into your wider business. His approach ensures both a smooth transaction and a successful outcome.

Involved with the Bucks County Agricultural Association, Matthew stewards the annual Bucks County Show. He’s also actively involved with Bedfordshire Federation of Young Farmers and the Herts, Beds and Bucks Agricultural Valuers Association. His wide breath of local market knowledge helps Matthew to bring integrity into his rural agency work.

Matthew’s calm attitude to transactional work coupled with increasing market knowledge gives confidence in placing instructions with Bidwells.
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Image of Church Farm Reports & Briefings 06.03.24

Over the past 12 months, there has been a noticeable increase in land brought to the market, marking a shift from previous years.

Rural Agency Update 2024

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Farmcare, Coldham 1 Report 11.01.23

Over the past 12 months, land values have increased, despite the economic and political turmoil. It is clear the farmland market is continuing along its own path, with extraordinary demand for agricultural and rural property seen across the region.

Rural Property Market Update

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Fordham_Wet_Woods_And_Great_Wilbraham_210421 33 Blog 17.01.22

The outlook for the rural property market is positive and strong interest and values are welcome after a difficult 18 months.

Rural property market update

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Fordham_Wet_Woods_And_Great_Wilbraham_210421 30 Briefing 17.12.18

A recent poll undertaken by Farmers Weekly asked 577 farmers how they were going to vote on Brexit. Read our detailed analysis of the results here, and how this affects land prices, farm workers and more.

Rural spectator: Farmers Weekly EU Referendum Poll

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Land at Polebrook

Organic farmer required advice and expertise to achieve the best outcome on the sale of their land.


Strawberry Hill Farm

Acting on behalf of The Wildlife Trust for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire, we advised on their successful purchase of Strawberry Hill Farm in Bedfordshire.

Strawberry Hill Farm

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