Producing a sustainable timber product which goes to make all manner of consumer items including paper, cardboard, structural timber and furniture, gives David satisfaction, purpose and drive.

Starting his career in the forestry industry over 20 years ago, David has witnessed the value of forests as an asset soar during this period, as the demand for timber and carbon offsetting has increased substantially.

David’s love of woodland stems from his upbringing on the family farm, where he was involved in the management of the farm’s young plantation from an early age. This led to David studying Forestry to degree level before embarking on a career in the forest industry, which has seen him succeed in both public and private sector roles.

David started his career working on estate forest management in Morayshire, before taking a role in timber harvesting and forest management in the forest of Kielder, Northumberland. Following this he worked in forest grants and regulations in Central Scotland. During this time, he also kept his hand in on the more practical end of things when he designed and established a small commercial plantation on family-owned land near Lanark.

David’s latest role with Bidwells sees him take responsibility for the strategic management of some of Scotland’s highest-quality forest assets on behalf of institutional and private clients. David’s biggest strength is the commercial focus he brings, whilst managing the forest properties as if they were his own.




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