Dealing with, amongst others, MRI scanners, CL2 labs or anatomy suites, Charlie excels within the S&T sector with his unique and specialist experience.

From building labs at the Sherard building to dealing with party wall matters for a £300m development in Oxford city, investigating and advising for a medical science teaching centre and developing the design on a GMP facility, Charlie loves the technical challenges and variation of his job. 

Always on the move and aligned with what’s happening in the market, Charlie is well informed and versed to advise his clients. He likes to get under the skin of your business and find out what you really need so he can provide the best solutions.   

With former experience of installing quantum computing rigs, MRI scanners in hospitals and greenhouses on roofs for plant science research, Charlie’s technical ability is broad. Handing this responsibility and burden to someone you can trust is refreshing – this is why his clients come back to him. 

Charlie is always willing to roll up his sleeves and get stuck in. He loves the complexity of what he does and even more the fact that he feels he is contributing towards ground-breaking research in the ever evolving and demanding S&T and commercial sectors. 

Charlie is RICS accredited.



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