Where Will the Oxford to Cambridge Expressway Go?

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Oxford to Cambridge Expressway

The Oxford to Cambridge Expressway is a proposed dual carriageway set to run between Oxford and Cambridge via Milton Keynes. The objective is to allow for faster travel between these towns. The expressway has the potential to have a big impact on the ‘Golden Triangle’ of London, Oxford and Cambridge.

The completed expressway route would serve the growth of hundreds of local science and technology businesses, ranging from start-ups to global multinationals, as well as connect talent to surrounding areas. This has earned it the nickname of ‘the Brain-Belt’.

According to Lord Andrew Adonis, previous Chairman of the National Infrastructure Commission (NIC), “The arc spanning Cambridge, Milton Keynes and Oxford attracts the brightest and best from some of the most cutting-edge industries.”

Who Proposed the Expressway?

The expressway is part of a broader national infrastructure initiative in the UK, and the proposal was supported by NIC together with the Greater Cambridge Partnership.

The Department for Transport has agreed to take it forward as part of a £7billion infrastructure investment.

What Route will the Expressway Take?

Road Links: This expressway map illustrates three potential road route options as well as two sub-options.


Oxford to Cambridge expressway


Why is the Expressway Road Important?

Direct transport between Oxford and Cambridge could cut commuter journey times by up to 40%, but there’s more to the expressway than a quicker commute.

As Chancellor Phillip Hammond puts it, “This project can be more than just a transport link, it can become a transformational tech-corridor, drawing on the world-class research strengths of our two best-known universities.”

According to the NIC, the region currently contributes £90 billion per year towards the national economy, and with the proposed transport improvements, that figure could grow to more than £250 billion a year.

Oxford and Cambridge are two of the country’s most rapidly expanding business hubs, which has contributed to them being among the UK’s least affordable housing markets. Lack of suitable housing and sufficient transport links are both major threats to the success of the area. New transport links will play a critical role in the plans for housing, jobs and infrastructure across the Cambridge-Milton Keynes-Oxford Corridor.

According to the 2016 Oxford to Cambridge Expressway Strategic Study, the Corridor will see a 40% increase in travel demand by 2035. 

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