Renewable Energy Revolution

26.6.23 3 MIN READ


Fraser Smith, Associate in our Energy & Renewables team shares insights in this blog on accelerating the transition to clean power.

In the midst of a global push for a massive increase in renewable energy generation, Bidwells is at the forefront of driving the transition to clean power here in the UK by facilitating the development of renewables projects. We are witnessing, first hand, the positive impact renewable technologies are having on our changing world and the urgency and relevance of renewable energy developments cannot be underestimated as we play our part in the energy revolution.

Recent reports reveal that renewable sources, such as wind, solar and hydro, have achieved remarkable milestones, further cementing their position as the backbone of a sustainable future. In April 2023, 46% of Britain’s electricity came from zero carbon sources, according to the National Grid ESO’s monthly electricity statistics. A month later, National Grid announced that the UK hit a clean energy milestone of one trillion kWh of electricity generated from renewable electricity.

We are witnessing a transformative shift towards clean power that will reshape our energy system, industries and communities.  The pace at which new renewable energy projects are being advanced is remarkable however if we are to mitigate the worst impacts of climate change, the industry must continue to strive to go further and faster.

As a leading player in the renewable energy sector, Bidwells is actively involved in projects that capitalise on the green energy revolution. By collaborating with landowners, developers and investors, we are identifying opportunities to support and accelerate the deployment of renewable energy infrastructure.

With the pressing need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and combat climate change, the growth of renewable energy generation is an absolute necessity. It is crucial that we seize this momentum and continue driving the transition to a greener future. With new technologies in the pipeline, the sector is continuing to move at pace, and we are well placed to provide our clients with the advice they need to advance their ambitions in the increasingly competitive renewable energy sector. Our team has doubled in size over the past 12 months to meet this increase in demand with experienced consultants now based throughout the UK.

In addition to our established expertise in onshore wind, solar and hydro, we have an expanding role in less traditional projects such as offshore wind farms and battery storage.  In the case of offshore wind, as these mammoth projects make landfall, Bidwells’ role in negotiating land rights and access is helping to ensure the efficient integration of ever-growing amounts of green energy into the national grid.

Internationally, the UK continues to be at the forefront of offshore wind. In 2022, UK offshore wind capacity accounted for 24% of global capacity, second only to China. Offshore windfarms in UK waters generated enough power to meet the electricity needs of 41% (11.5m) of the nation’s homes in a new record year in 2022, according to The Crown Estate’s Offshore Wind Report. In total offshore wind generated 45TWh of electricity last year, up from 37TWh in 2021 and a six-fold increase over the past 10 years, and is estimated to be generating enough electricity to meet the needs of nearly half (47%) of UK homes by the end of the current year. Taller wind turbines with huge blades such as the Haliade-X 13MW has been successfully tested and will be supplied to Dogger Bank wind farm, off the Yorkshire coast. According to National Grid, a single sweep of its 107-metre-long blades will generate enough power to meet the energy requirements of the average UK household for more than two days.

Looking ahead, we predict even greater advancements in renewable energy technologies and infrastructure.

The sector's rapid growth and ongoing innovation hold tremendous potential for achieving a sustainable, low-carbon future. We must continue to explore new opportunities, overcome challenges, and empower clients to make informed decisions that align with their long-term sustainability goals.

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