Panel Discussions: Creating a Scientific Superpower

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GD5A6430.JPG Reports & Briefings 21.06.22

To become a scientific superpower we need to unleash the UK’s innovation ecosystem in a way that maximises the benefit for all stakeholders.

Unleashing the UK’s innovation potential

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GD5A6511.JPG Reports & Briefings 21.06.22

The government has set out a 10-year vision to make the UK a world leader in life sciences. But how do we build the partnerships that will make this happen?

Life Sciences 2030

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11:10 panel Reports & Briefings 21.06.22

The success of the Arc, and its science and technology sector, depends on Britain’s world-class skills base. But is enough being done to ensure the UK continues to train, attract and develop the best scientific talent?

What does the science and technology sector need to grow within the Arc?

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GD5A6901.JPG Reports & Briefings 21.06.22

These three sessions highlighted scientific advancements within the Arc that place the UK at the forefront of global innovation.

Pioneering Projects

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GD5A7030.JPG Reports & Briefings 21.06.22

As one of the fastest-growing sectors in the UK, science and technology has proven its potential to turbocharge regional economies and create centres of success.

Creating places for innovation

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INVESTING Reports & Briefings 21.06.22

The UK science and technology market remains a hot prospect for investors from home and abroad.

Investing in UK Science and Technology

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GD5A7276.JPG Reports & Briefings 21.06.22

The UK is home to world-leading innovation in life sciences, space, energy and future transport, yet support for our R&D sector lags our international competition.

Creating a Scientific Superpower

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