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      Woodland Creation

      A deep-rooted understanding of landscape-scale economic and environmental drivers allows our forestry experts to deliver the complete woodland creation service.


      The ESN(F) investment portfolio of forestry and renewable energy assets spans Scotland and northern England

      By understanding your objectives and taking a holistic approach to analysing potential planting sites, we’ll match the right proposal with the right land.

      There are many nuances to take into consideration – altitude, rainfall, biodiversity, archaeology - before a sapling is even planted. Our wide skill-set and years of experience means we have a wide pool of knowledge on which to draw.

      Our trusted independent, transparent advice delivers real opportunities for a sound investment - whether seeking a commercial or native woodland scheme. We know our way around the regulatory and grants system and how forestry can enhance an integrated rural business.

      The green credentials that come with woodland creation cannot be undersold with trees providing excellent carbon off-setting / in-setting and sustainable investment opportunities. Whether creating woodland on your own land or seeking to invest in planting schemes, we can help.


      We’ll take the uncertainty out of the planting approvals process and, at the other end, maximise the value when it is time to sell as timber stock or investment opportunity.

      Search for available Biodiversity Units

      Our Natural Capital team is developing BNG schemes across England to provide a solution to developments with off-site BNG requirements.

      Click here to view all biodiversity units for sale



      Regarded as ‘architects of the forested landscape’, our highly specialised team identifies opportunities with real growth potential, then helps purchase and manage that asset for you.

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      Carbon Investment

      We help clients find bespoke climate solutions, creating investable projects that deliver genuine climate mitigation and generate certified carbon credits.

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      Biodiversity Net Gain for Landowners

      An opportunity for landowners is arising from new planning rules requiring developers to improve biodiversity lost through building schemes.  

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      Biodiversity Net Gain in Development

      Having a credible biodiversity plan for your scheme is becoming integral to securing planning permission and maximising end values.

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      Peatland Restoration

      Restoring our peatlands is one of the most effective natural climate solutions at our disposal and we have the expertise to deliver projects at scale.

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      Woodland Creation

      A deep-rooted understanding of landscape-scale economic and environmental drivers allows our forestry experts to deliver the complete woodland creation service.

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      Generating Carbon Credits for Landowners

      We are helping landowners across the UK generate certified carbon credits and enabling the delivery of genuine climate mitigation projects.

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      Sustainable Farm Management

      We work with you to identify how you can enhance the productivity of your land to ensure you maintain profitability whilst protecting the biodiversity your base resources depend on.

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      Habitat Creation and Restoration

      Land unfit for development can often yield ecological benefits that go some way towards achieving your net zero targets.

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      Estate Environmental Strategy

      Land and estate owners with a commitment to achieving net zero through green investments will need a clear strategy to determine environmental targets and deliver suitable interventions across their portfolio.  

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      Tim goes above and beyond to get the best outcome for clients.
      Thomas Pate, Middleton Farming Partnership
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