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      Rural spectator: Battery storage and Gas-to-Grid opportunities

      The intermittent output of decentralised renewable electricity schemes, often mismatched with daily and seasonal increases in demand, has created additional opportunities for landowners. A number of developers are seeking sites for battery storage systems or established methods such as gas-to-grid generation. As with renewable schemes, the availability of a connection into the grid network, with adequate capacity in the local area, is critical.

      11 Jul 2016 2 MINUTE READ

      Battery storage sites

      • Standardised agricultural or industrial building or container, housing rows of batteries, allowing electricity from the grid to be stored and fed back to the grid when it is required.
      • Lithium-ion or lead acid batteries store the electricity at DC and the invertors convert AC to DC and DC to AC.
      • Either a suitable existing building with a remaining lifetime of 25 years or a new building (constructed at no cost to the landowner) or a suitable site for containers.
      • Agricultural or industrial setting.
      • Suitable as a standalone system or integrated into an energy system to a renewable asset such as wind turbines or solar panels.

      Gas-to-grid generation sites

      • Gas-to-grid generation provides short-term standby power to the national grid in order to help balance the grid system.
      • Requires a mains gas connection (medium, intermediate or high pressure) and an electricity connection.
      • Agricultural or industrial setting.

      Potential sites should be…

      • Freehold, vacant possession (or the ability to secure possession at short-notice).
      • 0.25 to 4 acres (existing buildings circa. 10,000 sq ft).
        Level land.
      • Close proximity to electrical network (11 or 33 kv) or close to a substation.
      • For gas-to-grid generation also close proximity to a gas connection (medium, intermediate or high pressure).
      • Good vehicular access.

      Potential sites should not be…

      • In a greenbelt, national park or AONB (unless next to an existing complex of buildings).
      • In flood zone 2 or 3 (flood zone 1 is acceptable).
        Near a listed building.
      • Subject to an Agricultural Holdings Act or long Farm Business Tenancy without a provision allowing the landowner to resume possession of part on short-notice.
      • Reliable on third party access or cable easements.

      Landowner benefits…

      • Turn-key approach to the development, from site assessment to the construction and operation of the asset.
      • 25 year lease to provide long term rental income, with annual RPI linked reviews.
      • Attractive form of farm diversification.
      • If a new building is constructed, the landowner gets the building for free at the end of the lease (with all equipment removed).
      • Option premium, plus contribution towards professional costs.

      The next steps

      Do you have a gas main crossing your land and/or an 11 or 33 kv electricity line? If you do then there may be the opportunity for a battery storage site or gas-to-grid generation site.

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