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      Promotion and climbing the career ladder, what it means for newly promoted Frances McDermott

      We talked to Frances McDermott after her recent promotion to Associate and discussed her career journey to date, including since joining Bidwells and what the next steps may include.

      19 Jul 2021 3 MINUTE READ

      1. When did you decide a career in property sales was a path you wanted to follow?

      I have always been interested in property and helping people find their dream home. Through working in the industry and having the opportunity to climb on to the property ladder myself at the age of 21, which has resulted in three property renovations over the last eight years, I am a very lucky person. I can do a job I love in an industry that excites me.

      2. I am sure many people would be interested how you started on your career path and what that first step involved?

      I got my lucky break when I was 19 years old and I joined Sharman Quinney, initially as weekend staff and then on to an office assistance. I was promoted quite quickly to negotiator and spent the following seven years learning as much as possible, nurture client relationships and build a reputable portfolio of sales within the Cambridge area.

      3. What experience helped enhance your position when joining Bidwells?

      My wide breadth of experience gained from working for Sharman Quinney as a Sales Negotiator really helped me, especially my knowledge of Cambridge and the Cambridge market. Also, understanding property renovation, what the client wants, interpreting their needs and delivering on their expectations has certainly helped me develop client relationships. In addition, able to project manage a few different properties and developments and deliver to a deadline has certainly helped with moving in to the New Homes team and managing the many developments we have ongoing.

      4. When did you join Bidwells and in what capacity?

      I joined Bidwells in 2019 as a Senior New Home Executive. I liked that Bidwells has been part of Cambridge for over 180 years, so there is history and recognition associated with the brand. I also liked the business was not just an estate agent, that we could be involved with Bidwells Property Consultants from field to key - the purchase of land, through to planning, build and then where I fit in, selling the properties. This provided an insight and overview of the process I hadn’t been involved with before.

      5. Were you pleased when asked if you would like to apply for the position of Associate?

      I was over the moon, I have built up an excellent reputation within the trade and it is great that has been recognised.

      6. What did the process involve and were you nervous?

      The process involves the delivery of a presentation on a key topic that has influenced my position and the business since joining Bidwells, which is delivered to a selection of partners. This was followed by several Q&A’s. The decision was made overall by the board. It is a long process and I was very nervous, but I dug deep and delivered a solid presentation which also demonstrated my commitment and passion.

      7. Over the past two years, you have established yourself within the business. Do you have any tips for colleagues on what success looks like and how to achieve it?

      Believe in yourself, set a goal and go for it. Have aspiration and a vision of where you want your career to take you, along with drive and focus. Always listen to your clients and deliver on your promises. I wear a piece of jewellery, that is with me every day, engraved with the message ‘She believed she could, so she did’. It cements my drive and motivation every day, keeping me moving forward.

      8. If you could use three words that have helped you achieve your career goals what would they be?

      Personable, Tenacious, Approachable

      9. Where next?

      I would like to progress and further my career at Bidwells and hopefully in the next few years make Partner. My aim is to continue to build business relationships and connections, increase my portfolio and build on my success. But also play a key role in our teams’ success, working to continue building the Bidwells brand and making us first choice in Cambridge. I am very excited about what the future holds.

      Congratulations on your promotion and we look forward to seeing what comes next.

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