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      We’ve been harnessing waterpower since Roman times, yet while today’s hydro schemes look a little different the principle of harnessing our natural resources hasn’t changed.

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      One resource we do have in this country is water and where water runs through your land, we can help you negotiate the delivery of a run of river hydro scheme. 

      Run of river hydro schemes are a long-term commitment for you and the developer. Once we’ve negotiated your contract and the preferred developer has gained all the necessary approvals the scheme will be leased, constructed and operated by the developer, generating rent for the landowner.

      With the government no longer subsidising hydro schemes they are expensive to deliver but in some parts of the country they are the only option for generating renewable electricity. Hydro schemes are less visually intrusive than many other energy sources and once the lease period ends the hydro scheme often becomes the property of the landowner.


      As we become more reliant on renewable energy we need to be prepared for when the sun doesn’t shine, the wind doesn’t blow and even the rain stops. We’re now advising more clients on large scale pump storage hydro schemes that help to balance the grid by capturing hydro power and delivering it when other renewable sources can’t meet the electricity demand.


      Onshore Wind Development

      The demand for wind power has never been higher. To deliver clean energy across the nation by 2035 we need to almost double our onshore wind capacity. 

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      From waste planning, minerals planning, renewables and even enforcements cases – we have the operational insight to translate terms and provide you with clear advice throughout the planning process.

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      Solar Energy

      Seeking professional advice early will ensure that you maximise your potential return from solar energy, generating steady income for many years from your existing land assets.

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      Battery Energy Storage Systems

      Seeking professional advice early will ensure that you maximise the potential returns from battery storage projects on your land, securing steady income for years to come.

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      Green Hydrogen

      Decarbonising our economy with green hydrogen for a land or business owner can be a minefield – our experts will navigate you through the complexities, potentially delivering secure income for decades to come.

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      We’ve been harnessing water power since Roman times, yet while today’s hydro schemes look a little different the principle of harnessing our natural resources hasn’t changed.

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      Anaerobic Digestion & Gasification

      There is an ongoing systemic shift towards low-carbon and renewable energy for homes and businesses across the UK - we are the one stop shop you need to see you though the planning process from start to finish.

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      Grid and Infrastructure Planning

      We’ll help you navigate the complex world of power grid planning, minimising your risk and managing the consultation process from start to finish.   

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      Grid and Infrastructure Scotland

      We have a comprehensive understanding of the Electricity Act and its application to land rights and compensation, specialising in representing landowners affected by electricity apparatus including overhead and underground cables, both existing and proposed as well as land required for substations.

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      Offshore Grid Connections

      The government is planning to quadruple renewable energy through offshore wind by 2030. This means wind farms will need to generate 50GWh that will all need to be connected to the grid via coastal land across the country.

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      Renewables for Landowners

      We have been helping landowners realise the full potential of renewable technologies for almost 40 years and we continue to deliver new and exciting projects in this evolving environment.

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      Renewables for Developers

      Over 30 years’ in the energy and renewables sector throughout the UK has positioned us as an established and experienced property advisor for developers. We have the knowledge to overcome land challenges, like new site finding, and delivering land rights for grid routes and access corridors, as well as providing property advice on all aspects of a renewable project.

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      In the Highlands where the rivers flow but the sensitive landscape restricts some renewable technologies, hydro is a great option.

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