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      Carbon Investment

      We join the dots helping to unlock innovative projects and deliver our client’s green objectives.

      Carbon Investment

      Acting on behalf of either carbon investors (buyer) or landowners (seller), we join the dots helping to unlock innovative projects and deliver our client’s green objectives.

      We have deep experience and knowledge of the land markets and an ability to rigorously assess a landholding for its natural capital and carbon potential. Our expertise in native woodland creation, peatland restoration and biodiversity uplift are all brought to bear when scoping an asset for natural capital opportunities. 

      Investors, corporate bodies and businesses looking to mitigate their climate impact come to us because we go the extra mile to ensure a project is the right fit to realise their green ambition. We have access to landholdings and deploy keen negotiation skills on or off market. 

      We secure investments that deliver more than just carbon credits, helping our clients to fulfil their wider ESG goals by ensuring that biodiversity and social benefits are baked into their natural capital projects.

      With contacts across the UK, our due diligence specialists respond quickly to secure natural capital opportunities when they come to the fore.

      Play our video to hear about the attractive financial returns that can be derived from environmentally positive investment initiatives:



      Regarded as ‘architects of the forested landscape’, our highly specialised team identifies opportunities with real growth potential, then helps purchase and manage that asset for you.

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      Carbon Investment

      We help clients find bespoke climate solutions, creating investable projects that deliver genuine climate mitigation and generate certified carbon credits.

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      Biodiversity Net Gain for Landowners

      An opportunity for landowners is arising from new planning rules requiring developers to improve biodiversity lost through building schemes.  

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      Biodiversity Net Gain in Development

      Having a credible biodiversity plan for your scheme is becoming integral to securing planning permission and maximising end values.

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      Peatland Restoration

      Restoring our peatlands is one of the most effective natural climate solutions at our disposal and we have the expertise to deliver projects at scale.

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      Woodland Creation

      A deep-rooted understanding of landscape-scale economic and environmental drivers allows our forestry experts to deliver the complete woodland creation service.

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      Generating Carbon Credits for Landowners

      We are helping landowners across the UK generate certified carbon credits and enabling the delivery of genuine climate mitigation projects.

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      Sustainable Farm Management

      We work with you to identify how you can enhance the productivity of your land to ensure you maintain profitability whilst protecting the biodiversity your base resources depend on.

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      Habitat Creation and Restoration

      Land unfit for development can often yield ecological benefits that go some way towards achieving your net zero targets.

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      Estate Environmental Strategy

      Land and estate owners with a commitment to achieving net zero through green investments will need a clear strategy to determine environmental targets and deliver suitable interventions across their portfolio.  

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      The reality of the UK’s net zero ambition: the role of carbon capture.

      Carbon Capture

      In 2019, the UK and Scottish Governments made their commitments to net zero, with target dates of 2050 and 2045 respectively. Relatively, both countries are progressing well, with emissions falling faster than in other major developed economies.

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      Our Natural Capital team is developing BNG schemes across England to provide a solution to developments with off-site BNG requirements.

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      Richard Webb / Peat pool, Wedder Law / CC BY-SA 2.0

      Avoiding emissions or avoiding the problem? The case of peatland carbon.

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