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      The successful management of the Trimley Estate for 90 years.

      The Trimley Estate, Felixstowe 1

      Trinity College, Cambridge

      3,400 acres

      Felixstowe, Suffolk

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      A large area of land along the Suffolk coast, the Estate was acquired by the client in the early 1930s.

      Bidwells has managed Trimley Estate since it was purchased by the client as an agricultural asset in 1933. As estate manager, we oversee the provision of strategic planning advice and promotion of assets. During our tenure, the Estate has become one of the most significant in the country, home to port of Felixstowe (the largest container port in the UK) and its commercial hinterland.  

      We work closely with the local planning authority to promote suitable parts of the Estate for development whilst managing the majority for agricultural production and wildlife conservation. Over the past seven years, we have secured planning consents/allocations for six new housing sites to address a shortfall in the area which will deliver a total of 1,600 new homes. These developments will help to reduce commuting distances to the port and support the local economy whist supporting the delivery of new strategic infrastructure for the town, including publicly accessible green infrastructure and a new leisure centre.  

      The Trimley Estate, Felixstowe 1

      The Estate has strong ties to the community, and we work with the Suffolk Wildlife Trust to manage the nationally significant natural habitats located on the Estate and with other local stakeholders to bring forward new community orchards and public footpath enhancements for the benefit of local residents.

      Under our management, the Trimley Estate has evolved into a successful agricultural, commercial and residential area of Suffolk, with strong ties to local businesses and wildlife habitats to be enjoyed by the local community.

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